So I really need a dress for our Holiday Party

12 January 2011

Because even the nastiest cough and colds cannot take away my excitement for this once-a-year event!

I am feeling a wee bit better now, thanks to my Mama, medicines, and sleep. And of course, thank you for the sweet messages you left in my previous post ^^, Today I'll tell you about what has been occupying my mind these past few days. (For some who might not appreciate posts like this, excuse me for I would go all-out girly here) I've already blabbed numerous times that we'll have our Holiday Party on the 22nd (it's too late that it has become too early for this year's Holiday season LOL), and I know I said I've already found the perfect outfit and all, but now I think I'm having second thoughts. You see, the theme of the party is RAVE, with the specific instructions to Wear your best black attire. We-ell, the dress I found want is actually purple with black stripes, and it's really pretty, plus I've already envisioned the perfect look in my head (you know, with the perfect shoes, purse, makeup and all), but now I'm not too sure because of the color. I'm almost sure that the purple can blend in nicely, though. But it'll be a sea of blacks there, and I wouldn't want to stand out in a bad way. On the other hand, I don't want to come in something forgettable, either. What do you think? Help!

For people who might be new to my blog, let's just say that I really look forward to our Holiday Parties because it is the one time of the year I can see my officemates all glammed up aside from it being another excuse to shop! You already know how I love fashion and dressing up, yes?

Just for fun, let me post photos of what I wore to our previous parties as well as the inspiration behind them.

Discovolution '07 | Super Club '08 | Party Central '09
Inspired by:
Victoria Beckham | Gwyneth Paltrow | Dita von Teese
I'm already almost certain I'll buy that purple dress, but I think I will ask the opinion of my other officemates first. I hate that I only have barely a week to pull this off. I need to decide tomorrow and then order the dress stat if and when I decide to get it.

Cross your fingers for me, will you?

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