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09 October 2011

As they say, life is one big movie - and each situation has a corresponding soundtrack. This certainly applies to me; whatever I am going through at the moment, there's always that one song that perfectly matches it. 

I don't know if I have ever confessed it here, but I am a BIG KTV fan. You won't see me joining a singing contest anytime soon, but I can carry my own on KTV parties haha. My friends and I hit local KTV joints whenever an opportunity presents itself: pay-days, weekend night-outs, heartbreaks, or mini celebrations. It is definitely one of my favorite fun things to do with my friends. Remember the super surprise birthday party my friends prepared for me where we videoke-d our hearts out after dinner? :)

Last Wednesday night, my blogger-friends and I visited Red Box in Eastwood for Rock.Dine.Roll night presented by Red Box, Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP), and Geiser Maclang.

Laid back and easy-going yet still exuding a sense of sophistication when it comes to things like music, food and even interior design. An audiophile? Definitely. But in an era defined by music, it also describes the music aficionado's go-to destination for audio perfection and dining satisfaction, all wrapped inside a high-gloss, cosmopolitan urban watering hole --- and that's what Red Box is all about. When audiophiles flock to Red Box, it's not simply because it has the reputation of being the city's premiere entertainment destination, it's because it goes the extra mile to cater to what music lovers seek.
Red Box has been recognized as one of the leading music hubs in the city ever since it opened its doors to Filipino music lovers in 2003. And really, it's not difficult to see why! From the carefully sound engineered rooms, the deliberate way the speakers have been placed to ensure sound quality, the easy and convenient way of choosing songs from their extensive and wide collection, the range of other recreational options like free and high-speed WiFi access, pool and poker table, and even in-house gaming consoles, up to the gourmet menu and drink selections, Red Box deserves to be the top KTV hang-out place!

Red Box is also a licensee of FILSCAP - a non-profit organization that enforces the public performance right and communication to the public right granted by law to copyright owners of musical works. Coolio, huh?

After a short talk and a buffet dinner, we began our Red Box experience!

My blogger-friends and I wasted no time choosing the best songs from the Most Wanted playlist. Everything from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj to The Killers, we were all in a party-mood that night! But still, I couldn't resist singing a few hits from one of my favorite bands The Script

Me and Ana + my fabulous friends Khel and Eddii
I wasn't able to take lots of photos because I was too busy having fun, but I'm telling you, IT WAS A RIOT! It was great seeing my fashionable blog-sisters let loose like that ;D

Of course, we couldn't resist Spice Girls!!!
I think this was our last song of the night before we reluctantly parted ways at 11-ish.
Ana, Pax, Melai, me, Keigh
We didn't discuss our outfits beforehand, but look how we have a "fierce animal" theme going on here.
Great, fashionable minds think alike! ;)
One of the perks of attending that night is getting our very own License to Rock that gives us FREE room access for four from 12nn to 7pm. Would you guys want to go with me and challenge me to a KTV-off? Haha! Let's!

Big thanks to Red Box for this one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience! We will definitely be back for more! Special thanks to Geiser Maclang as well for inviting us!

Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll is open from Mondays to Sundays. For inquiries and reservations, please dial 7576188 (Greenbelt), 3557921 (Eastwood), 9078833 (TriNoma), and 032-4171675 (Cebu). For other announcements, visit and Like the Red Box Rock.Dine.Roll official Facebook page.

What are your favorite songs to sing during KTV nights?

*Special thanks to Ana and Ed for the photos from the event.

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