Sweeping declaration

02 October 2011

I know I said last Thursday that I am starting a Krissy's Kindle Fire Fund so I promised myself I will try my hardest to rein in my spending habits and swear off shopping for a while - but I guess I am second only to Marshall (see How I Met Your Mother S07E02 reference) when it comes to "sweeping declarations"; not even a week has passed, yet I have acquired these:

Cream peeptoes from Landmark, TriNoma
I first saw this pair about two weeks ago when I was with my work buddies Mich and Poly. I tried it on, and it was love-at-first-walk. It's very comfortable, the color is very flattering, I love peeptoes, AND with a pricetag of P699.75, it's very affordable! I had a minor inner debate and ended up not getting it after I argued with myself that I don't really need another pair of shoes. EQ win!

Buuut, after more than a year of using it, my favorite pair of wedges gave up on me when I got home after the Jane Iredale event. Besides, I really couldn't take this pair off my mind. I guess you already know what happened next. Last Friday night, Mich and I went to TriNoma, and I bought it! EQ fail haha.

I've worn it at the office ever since I got it, and I still feel a rush of giddiness whenever I look at it! I don't regret this purchase at all :)

Two bottles of nail polish from Majolica Majorca
As I said in my Make Me Smile list, seeing color on my nails is one of my cheapest pick-me-up. And with colors like these, who could resist? My HTC ChaCha wasn't able to fully capture the colors, but the one on the left is a pale pink hue with subtle gold shimmer, while the one on the right is very bright, very glittery and happy pink :) One of my favorite things about my workplace is the occasional Pay-Day Sale, wherein the lobby is transformed into a mini bazaar that lasts for three days. I was lucky enough to catch Majolica Majorca on the last day of the bazaar was delighted to see ALL items were discounted at 20% off and there was a Buy One, Get One promo on the nail polishes. I really wanted to get an eyeshadow quad, but because of the aforementioned Kindle Fund, I had to resort to getting something cheaper instead hee. I got the two bottles for only P225 for both!

Biiblica: The Bible Atlas
I saw this at the National Bookstore booth (at the same bazaar) while they were still setting up and I grabbed it straightaway! At a very special discounted price of only P500 from the original price of P1,499 this 4.5kg book (yes, I weighed it!) is definitely worth it! Random fun fact about me #396: I love coffee-table books. And this, this is not just a coffee-table book! I've already browsed through the pages, and I love that it's chockful of full-color illustrations of maps, paintings, and other artworks of stories from the Bible - in thick, glossy paper! A very worthy reference book about the Book of Books, indeed!

I got a couple of dresses from a "magical place" that I recently discovered with my work best girl friends, but I won't include them in this post any more since I bought them before I came up with my Kindle Fire Fund hehe.

Now for those of you who have extra cash to burn, why not begin your Christmas shopping as early as now by going to the Passion for Fashion one day only sale event? Here is the e-vite:

Mark 8 October 2011 on your calendars, ladies [and gentlemen] and demonstrate your passion for fashion with the latest selection in womenswear, menswear, resort wear, bikinis, accessories, active wear, shoes, and bags from the participating brands! I'm sure it'll be fun! See you at the Rockwell Club function room from 2-6PM! ;)

PS: In Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, Becky's dad suggested two tips that can possibly help me: Cut Back or Make More Money. Since I am having problems with the Cut Back part, I realized I have to Make More Money. Any suggestions? :)

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