Feeling luxe with F&H and Kotex

24 October 2011

A mini-rant. I don't know what's up with my email inbox lately, but even important emails go straight to spam, causing me to miss out on a couple of event invites. Like this one, I only got to see Miss Nicole's email on the day of the launch itself, when I have already made plans with my Seventeen Sigaw girls. End of mini-rant.

Good thing Miss Nicole is kind enough to still send me a press kit so I can share it with you guys :)

Today, as consumers get smarter, there is a clamor for more and more products that offer the promise of individualistic style coupled with pure functionality. Do you know that this has extended to feminine care? Kotex Luxe Designs is an innovation from Kotex that combines unparalleled product performance in leakage protection and comfort with colorful design themes that give a woman the freedom to express her particular style and personality.

This season, Kotex Luxe Designs further defines its status as every fashionista’s newest must-have by teaming up with a trendy retail giant to present a stylish limited edition holiday collection designed by an internationally recognized fashion designer. Last Thursday night, Manila's trendsetters flocked to OPUS to witness the unveiling of Folded&Hung's Luxe Collection by Kotex Luxe Designs featuring Eric de los Santos. I admit I have been lazy in going to events lately, but watching fashion shows always gives me a different kind of high.Visit my blog sister Ana's post about the event here!

This partnership marks a milestone in the 85-year history of Kotex, a feminine care brand known throughout the world for its superior performance and innovative technology. The Kotex Luxe Designs marks the beginning of a new era in feminine care, where pads are no longer just a form of protection but of self-expression as well!

Are you:

A Girl Next Door?
Or Indie Chic?
They're all so pretty, yes? That time of the month is not a walk in the park, but I personally think using these pads make it a bit more fun for us girls ;) The line’s stylishness extends to its outer packaging, as it comes in a reusable drawstring polybag that carries individually-colored pouch wraps in purple and orange, matching the design theme of the pads. Which design is your favorite? Mine is the first pad in the Indie Chic box :)

Now here is a sweeeet promo for all of us! From October 21 to December 31,2011, we can avail of a 10% discount on any of the items purchased from the Luxe Collection by Kotex Luxe. How? Simply surrender two empty packs of specially marked Kotex Luxe Designs to any of the participating F&H branches. Only packs with the promo sticker attached will be accepted so make sure you keep them! ;)

Here's a sample. You need two packs of this so better schedule a bit of toiletries-shopping soon ;)
I hope I can score some photos from the lookbook so I can update this. I'll keep you guys posted!

Have a happy, fabulous week ahead! It's going to be a long, busy week for me so wish me luck! ♥

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