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16 October 2011

POSH Nails Hand and Foot Spa! ♥

Remember the girly pampering session my fashion blogger-friends and I had at their Tomas Morato branch last April? I was treated to another one, and this time it was done at their newest branch in Commonwealth. My dear friend Michelle and I went last Wednesday after work, and I really enjoyed our stay!

Prepare to be greeted by a pretty barrage of pink and purple things once you enter the door ♥
I need this white sofa and these cute pillows in my life.
Ready to be spoiled and pampered ;)
Michelle was also given her own treatment :)
Just like in their Tomas Morato branch, the Commonwealth branch has a very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. I just wanted to sink in those couches and pillows the whole day and forget about work, schedules, and other woes ;D Besides, everything looks brand spanking new since this branch opened just last August!

POSH Nails provides free drinks and free WiFi connection.
Mich was given the Posh Spoiling treatment for both hands (P240) and feet (P460) that involved foot spa, scrub, massage, and mani-pedi. As for me, I was given the Fetish treatment (P1,350) which basically involved everything plus paraffin wax for both hands and feet.

We started with the foot soak and foot spa.
I opted to remove my jeans and just put on one of the towels so I'd be more comfortable.
At the same time, they put body scrub on my hands and arms and gave me a massage.
Just observe how happy I look in the photo ;)
Danessa worked on Mich's toes while Joanne worked on mine.
Danica worked on my fingernails.
It was actually my first time to try the paraffin wax, and I swear they made my skin the softest ever! I was hesitant at first because I was scared the wax would be too hot, but after a few seconds of having it applied I became comfortable already. The hot wax was applied using a brush, and then my hands were soaked afterwards.

My hands were wrapped in plastic and these mittens after.
The same was also done to my feet.
There you go!
Such a treat for my hands and feet! They were left on for around 15 minutes, and while waiting we were given this daunting task:

Choosing which colors to use! Haha!
POSH Nails only uses high-quality nail polish brands so you are assured you get what you pay for ;)

I chose a pretty, lilac shade with silver and pink shimmers for my fingernails ♥
You can't take the girl out of Glitterland, but you can never take Glitterland out of the girl.
China Glaze Anklets of Amethyst on my fingernails and ESSIE Aruba Blue on my toenails.
I couldn't decide which color to use, so in the end I chose two! As for Mich, her toenails were painted a gorgeous shade of red, while her fingernails were colored lavender.

Aside from their nail grooming and pampering treatments, POSH Nails also offers eyelash extensions (P1,200), waxing services (P400 to P1,200), and massages (P220 to P675).

This is their massage room.
As I've always said, it's the little details that count the most :)
I really enjoyed my stay there, and I promise to go back more often. Because it is just near my office and my apartment, hopefully I can pop in every once in a while. After all, pampering sessions do not need any justifications ;)

Special thanks to POSH Nails and Ma'am Malou. POSH Nails Hand and Foot Spa Commonwealth branch is located in the ground floor of Lites Bldg., Holy Spirit Drive, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City. Contact them at 9200706 or 09177326323.

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