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22 October 2011

It would be nice if I could dedicate one wall in my apartment for prints and framed pictures, and since I love taking and posing for photos it shouldn't be too difficult to do, right? I couldn't even tell you how many Tumblr posts, weheartit photos, and Pinterest pins I have collected, not to mention the beautiful photos of myself taken by super talented photographers, in the hopes that someday the best among them would adorn a special spot in my future house.

There is only one major problem though: printing costs. Having all those collected photos printed can be quite expensive in the long run. Don't get me wrong, I'm good with shelling out cash so long as I am assured of the quality of what I'm spending my money on. Sad to say, I've been burned quite a few times with printing jobs that might have been affordable but whose outputs faded after a few months only that it was just like throwing money away.

Good thing Canon PIXMA is here, aiming to delight us always ;) Equipped with cool environment-friendly features and Cloud-ready printing, Canon prints also last for 300 year! With Canon PIXMA, you don't just print; you imprint. If you don't think that's awesome then I don't know what else is.

Last Tuesday I made my inner photo-geek happy by going to the Canon PIXMA Exclusive Product Launch held at the Cyberzone Events Area of SM North EDSA - Annex. It was a fun event filled with a sumptuous buffet, good music by the live band, fun games and raffle draws, and lots of beautiful prints!

We were given the chance to see the new printers up close, and even have our photos printed, for free!
Canon Philippines President and CEO Alan Chng thanking the public for the continued patronage for Canon printers
After a short talk by Miss Jill Santiago (Marketing Manager for Consumer Systems Products) wherein she discussed Canon PIXMA's standing in the market as well as the various accolades their products received last week, the newest brand ambassadors were presented together with the "Best Photo They Have Ever Printed".

Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman
Mr. Jonathan Avila
Mr. Jun Miranda
My seatmates Kaye and Nicole
Now let's check out those printers! (Trivia: Do you know PIXMA is a portmanteau of the words PI from PIXEL = the highest image quality and MA from Maximum and Power = the greatest speed? PIXMA represents the synthesis of high quality and high printing speed!)

Value-conscious consumers who seek the convenience of an integrated AIO solution will find the perfect fit for their needs in the PIXMA MP287. Compact and stylish, this AIO printer offers excellent performance and value. The MP287 makes an excellent personal printer/scanner for the home: it is compact and stylish, ready to operate mere seconds from start-up, with a hassle-free self-opening paper output tray when printing and copying.


The PIXMA E500 is designed with easy operation in mind, and Canon's new Ink Efficient features allow it to print an impressive 1,200 pages per set of ink cartridges, reducing the amount of times a user has to replace the cartridge while also reducing operational costs. Other functions like FastFront and Auto Photo Fix II support this design concept of user-friendly operation.

PIXMA iP4970
The PIXMA iP4970 is an affordable dedicated photo printer, using FINE, Hybrid and ChromaLife100+ technologies to print colorful and long-lasting photographs. The packaged software suite grants users access to programs like Full HD Movie Print and Easy PhotoPrint EX to streamline the creative work flow, making it easier than ever to tinker with photographs and print visually unique images. It also has fun filter printing effects including Fish-eye, Miniature, Toy Camera, and Soft Focus. 

The MG5370 is a mid-range All-In-One photo printer, with Wi-Fi built-in. This not only allows it to connect wirelessly to a computer network and be shared among multiple computers, but it can also conveniently print photos directly from iPhones, iPads and Android devices. It guarantees excellent photo prints with its five individual ink tanks. Along with this, it also has direct photo print functions like direct card printing and Pictbridge..


The sophisticated features of the new printers are made more accessible with the Intelligent Touch System. Available on the MG8270, it makes use of a LCD panel and a special touch-sensitive area to navigate through the various functions. What makes it more intelligent and appealing is the fact that only the relevant touch keys are lit at each menu, so that users are never overloaded with unnecessary options. The PIXMA MG8270 is the ideal photo all in one as it has six individual ink cartridges with gray ink for excellent and detailed monochrome prints. It also comes with film scanning capabilities for the traditionalists who still prefer to use film or those who would like to digitize their film.
The PIXMA iP4970 is my favorite because of the filter printing effects and full HD movie print function. It would be great fun to do Flipbooks with this printer!

I almost won a printer that day from the Trivia Game I joined with Kaye and Nicole, but unfortunately the other team beat us by a single point to which I know the answer of but failed to sound the buzzer in time. I didn't win a printer, but it's okay because I took home TWO brand new ODM watches :)

I won the black one at the game, and the white one during the raffle :)
Meant to be worn as necklaces, the display shows nothing but a black screen
until you tilt it a bit to show the time and date.
Thank you Canon PIXMA for the generous prizes!

And because Canon PIXMA is feeling extra-generous, they started a promo last October 15 wherein every purchase of a Canon PIXMA printer plus a corresponding ink OR four Canon Genuine inks OR a Canon PIXMA E500 entitles the buyer a free Rudy Project Sprint set worth PhP4,300. The promo ends on December 31 so make sure you include these printers on your Christmas wish lists! Visit Canon PIXMA's official Facebook page for more details!

Special thanks to Thei Palijo of Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me.

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