Last minute luxe grunge

12 September 2011

Last Thursday night, my good friend/ officemate/ official photographer for Fashion Compass Frank and I went to Resorts World to go to the MANGO F/W 2011 Collection show (would you like to see the photos from the event and runway? Visit this FC post now and instantly feel the desire to burn your wallets at the MANGO branch nearest you ;)) It was a fun night of fashion, photos, and free ice cream with my blog-friends made even more special as we all went in our "luxe grunge"-inspired outfits!

Here is what I came up with at the last minute:

Dress - St. Francis Square | Biker jacket (not worn in photo) - Candie's | Bag - borrowed from my friend Mich
Black stockings - SM Dept Store | Belt - YRYS | Mesh booties - PILL Footwear
Accessories - c/o SM Dept Store and Oxygen
To be honest, I almost skipped this event. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt like I didn't want to go. I was trying to muster the excitement to prepare my outfit a few days before the show but really couldn't find the will to do so. When Thursday arrived though, it was Frank who helped me decide to go in the end, and I'm thankful he did. Big thanks also to Ana and Pax for the realizations :)

I'm also thankful I went on a shopping trip with my friends Mich and Poly two Fridays ago when I bought this dress, or else I wouldn't have had anything to wear ;p

Some photos with my fashionista blog-sisters:

Ana, Pax, Keigh, Ava, Sarah, me, Melai, and Aie
With Vern
With Raleene
With Mike and Ava
With Nicole
It was great to finally meet you! :)
After the show, we headed to McDonald's for some late fastfood dinner and an icecream treat from Keigh.

Walking with Ana
We headed straight to the office where we tried to get some shut-eye at the designated sleeping quarters. Epic fail as I only got to sleep for an hour and a half x__x It's also funny how my outfit elicited lots of stares from the people in the office before I changed into my more normal clothes. Oh well, that's fashion-forward Philippines for you ;) Still, I'm glad I went (even though they ran out of loot bags and I wasn't able to get anything ;D)

I did my own hair and makeup.
Oh hair, I wish you'd never grow long anymore. I love your current length now :)
I love how the dress makes me look much taller than I really am.
I think this outfit just became one of my favorites :)

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