Make Me Smile, Monday.

26 September 2011

A long, long time ago I conceptualized a feature in my blog that I called Make Me Smile Mondays that aimed to make Mondays a little less dreary. I wasn't able to continue it though. I can make excuses, but I know you don't really need them so let's just skip that part hmm? ;)

Today is a particularly gloomy Monday because of a typhoon. Sooo I guess it's the perfect time to resurrect MMSM even just for today, yes? Now folks, I bring to you a list of things that make me smile, in the hopes that I get to uplift your spirits as well in the few minutes you're here. We all know we need a little bit of pick-me-up in this dreary weather, after all. Or, if the sun is shining brightly in your part of the world today, maybe my list can inspire you to make a list of your own so that you can keep it for a time when you would need it.

Happy nail polish
This is probably my cheapest pick-me-up. In the three years I've been living on my own, I have amassed quite a number of nail polish bottles already. Typing away on the keyboard feels more fun when there's a flash of color! I especially like bright and happy colors, or those with hints of shimmer or specks of glitters. The shade I'm wearing here is Bobbie's The Big Bang. One bottle costs P29.75 only! Look at the blinding combination of glitters in bold colors - very Christmas-y, love it!

Smelling gooooood
There's nothing more luxurious than a long bath or shower using yummy-smelling bath and beauty products! Seen in the photo is the entire set of the H Bella by Watsons: Rose & Mixed Berries that includes a body polish, body butter, body lotion, and hand cream. I use these everyday together with my Schwarzkopf Essensity Organic Shampoo and Sealing Lotion plus the Cyleina Organic Strawberry Soap, and I swear they are the best bath essentials EVER! I just love basking in fruity scents :)

Thoughtful gifts and pretty little things
This package was actually sent by Argie as a birthday present to me way back in April but I never got to receive it. It was miraculously delivered back to her house last month, with the courier saying they couldn't track my address! Wow! Just the thought that it was lost in the post for five months, yet she was still able to get it back, was already a feat in itself! She was finally able to hand it to me personally during a bloggers event last month where we got to meet in person for the first time. Sweeeet.

Sweet tweets, messages and emails
I do not own all those gadgets haha, only the HTC ChaCha and Smart Netphone are mine while the HTC Desire and Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy Tab belong to my friends Poly and Mich. It always brings a smile to my face whenever my phones ping with a new sweet message or email. Even invites to events never fail to excite me heh. I really appreciate all of them, thank you!

Having my own "billboard" LOL
I took this photo at the MANELS branch in Megamall last month so I'm not sure if it is still posted there. Anyway, my photo is up there as a Featured Fashion Blogger. Would you like to be featured as well? All you have to do is take photos of yourself wearing your favorite MANELS item and send it to them ;)

Pretty thingamajigs
I have been broke for a couple of months now so I have been resisting going on major shopping sprees. But then again, we all need something pretty and glitzy as a "reward" every once in a while, so I ordered these connector rings from Anagon Collection. The best part is they're super affordable at only P150 a pop! Not bad, eh? Order yours now! Ana still have a lot of different designs in stock!

The Sims Social
How come I started playing this Facebook game just today? Check out my friends' levels, I'm already miles behind them haha. Blame my laptop-less state boooo. Anyway, I made sure I made up for it. All my Neighbors have become my Friends already! Gosh this game is so addicting, I swear I'm going to have Lady Fabrize fixed before this week ends! (Random Trivia #8906: There was a time I was soooo obsessed with the real PC game The Sims that I see green diamonds on people's heads when I walk on the street HAHA!)

Furry babies
Source: via Kristel Ann on Pinterest

How can your heart not melt after looking at that cutie little furry baby? I cannot keep furry animals as pets because the kiddos here at the 'rents all have asthma, and I don't have the heart to leave them in my apartment as I am almost always out, so I just look at their photos online. Awww.

Seeing my favorite color combination
Source: via Kristel Ann on Pinterest

I mean, it's already pretty obvious in this blog's color scheme what it is, right? :) I just love how fresh and pretty these colors look together. I wish I can find pieces of clothing in this color scheme.

Pretty lipcolors
Source: via Kristel Ann on Pinterest
Aside from bright and happy colors on my nails, another ultimate pick-me-up for me is a pretty shade of lipstick. Right now my colors of choice are: Revlon ColorBurst in Fuchsia and James Cooper's pretty nude shade that doesn't have a name hee. I also love MAC Girl About Town, and I am praying to the lipstick gods that my aunt abroad would be generous enough to give me another tube after my beloved was stolen back in May.

Not this particular pair maybe, but I chose it because it has all the elements I love: pink, peeptoe, bow, and polka-dot prints :) Nothing brings a smile to my face and a jolt to my heart than a pair of shoes that jumps at me the moment I step into a store. Sweet, sweet love. My favorite pair of wedges gave up on me after two years of using it, so I wish I can get over this state of being broke soon so I can go hunting for another pair again.

Spending time with friends ♥
Last Saturday was a reunion of sorts for me and my friends who I haven't seen for so long. After work I went to my bestfriend Jerome's house to help him on a new project he's working on, and then I went to my close friend-since-Elementary Dianne's house where our other barkada went for a night of catching up, laughter, and Tanduay Ice. I really love these get-togethers with my friends and each one is cherished as they have become few and far in between because work and other young adult matters always get in the way.

Discovering cool websites
One awesome website I've come across lately is Emotional Bag Check. Are you feeling crappy lately? Just go to this site and check your baggage, and someone is sure to listen. Feeling cheery and have some happiness to spare? Go to this site and help someone lighten their load, carry their luggage by suggesting a song that you know is perfect for what they're going through. Whoever checked the luggage will receive your response and hopefully, feel better that someone has taken the time to share with them whatever it is they're going through. Neato, huh? Never underestimate the power of music :)

And since we are on the subject...

Corinne Bailey Rae's Put Your Records On is my wash-the-blues-away-and-smile song. Really, it never fails to lift the corners of my lips. I just love how light and breezy the feel of the song is. Perfect pick-me-upper! Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams. Just go ahead let your hair down

I hope my list chased the gloominess of this rainy Monday away. If I didn't make you smile, I hope I at least inspired you to make your own list that you can put up on your planners, phones, corkboards or even your bathroom mirror so you can consult it anytime ;)

I am feeling much better now! And oh, Mr. Rain? I have a message for you...

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  1. Cool list!!! Ang cute ng baby dog hihi!! Thankyou sis for including anagon collection! Excited nako sa sat!! I want good foood movie and convo!!:)

    Hindi lang tong monday thingie mo ibalik natin, also our little nonevent gimmicks!:)))


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