18 September 2011

I eagerly wait for September each year because of one thing: new seasons of my favorite TV shows! I rarely watch TV except the ones I like - especially now that I don't have a television set in my apartment - so I am thankful for torrents heehee. The only downside of this is I that I am not familiar with the new faces in the local entertainment scene (I haven't even seen a single scene of My Binondo Girl where my crush David Chua is a part of), but with the quality of acting our local "actors" churn out these days I don't think that's a bad thing after all. I use the term loosely for "actors" whose ticket to showbiz was joining reality shows. Excluding Mart Escudero (who was brilliant in Zombadings), I have yet to come across someone from these so-called talent shows who have real talent to speak of.

Anyway, this post is not meant to bash anyone. I just want to share my excitement for new episodes of my favorite TV shows! I am really looking forward to:

How I Met Your Mother Season 7

I super love Barney, Ted, Robin, Marshall and Lily! I swear, just hearing the opening theme makes me so happy already ;D Just imagine how cool it would be to hang out with these guys at MacLaren's and listen to Barney's stories. Man, that would really be awesome-amazing! I've learned a lot about life and relationships from these guys and even though I know they're just fictional characters, I've patterned the way I've dealt with most of my recent dilemmas with the way they've dealt with theirs. Also, the older and more mature voice-over Ted's dialogues are very quote-worthy - just do a quick search in this blog and you'll see ;)

For the past season, I really didn't like Zoe for Ted so I'm glad they've broken up. I'm also excited to see who Barney ends up with in the end - Nora or Robin? And of course, I want to meet the Mother already, but that would mean the show would also end so... maybe I'm okay with not knowing who she is yet ;)

Also, I want to meet my own Ted. Charming, a big trivia-junkie, mushy, and sometimes corny, I think we would get along really, really well ♥

The Big Bang Theory Season Five

I never thought a TV show about nerds will be this funny! I love how even though they're all intelligent dorks, the writers of the show was able to give them distinct personalities. My favorite is Sheldon, and you can tell how much I really love him when I even named my Samsung Galaxy Ace after him. BAZINGA! Love it ;D

I can't wait to see what will happen with Leonard and Raj's friendship after Penny's drunken encounter with Raj. It would also be great to see Bernadette and Howard getting married and its impact on the group's dynamics. And of course, Chuck Lorre's notes at the end of each episode always make for interesting reading :)

Happy Endings Season Two

This was recommended to me by my friend Jonas. Brad, Jane, Alex, Dave, Penny and Max make up a fun group of friends whose relationship took a messy and complicated turn when Alex left Dave at the altar on their wedding. I love Max's lines as the group's token gay guy friend, Jane's OC-ness, Penny's mishaps, and Dave's eyes haha. But seriously, I love this show and I want to see what happens next. During the first season, Dave was hurt which is understandable, but I feel like he and Alex can still work things out. Crossing my fingers for that! I mean, the title of the show should already give us a clue, right? :)

Survivor South Pacific

I was so ready to let Survivor go and not watch it anymore after a few not-so-satisfactory seasons, but when I learned Ozzy is part of it, OH BABY I'M SO IN! Ozzy, oh Ozzy, I love Ozzy! He is the reason why Cook Islands and Fans Vs. Favorites are two of my favorite Survivor seasons ever. Described as part-monkey and part-dolphin by Jeff, he made winning challenges look so easy! That AND the fact he's one major eye-candy made me fall for him. Hard. Haha. I don't think he's going to win, but I do hope he'll get to stay in the game for as long as he can.

A little rant: I don't want to sound mean, but I wish our local TV producers and writers can come up with more creative and intelligent shows like the ones above. I mean, why resort to adapting ideas for soap operas from Chile? Can't we come up with original stories anymore? And please, the amnesia/ long-lost parent or sibling/ exploding buses/ dying characters who turn out to be alive all along spins have been hashed and rehashed thousands of times already. Please think of more original ones. /End of little rant.

What are YOUR favorite TV shows? Can you recommend some so I can enrich my "repertoire"? LOL. I heard Game of Thrones is good, but I don't really want to watch it. I just want light and funny shows, please :) And while you're at it, who do you think ends up with Barney? Why? I'm curious! :)

Have a fabulous week ahead, everyone! Be safe and be loved!

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