I wanted to look like Anne Hathaway, but I looked more like Peter Pan.

13 January 2013

I know it's not necessarily required, but I just realized that aside from a family photo, I haven't posted  photos of myself ever since the new year began! Let me oblige you (ha ha) just in case you've already forgotten what I look like LOL.

Last week I went to Bench FIX in TriNoma to have my hair cut. My stylist took one look at my overgrown pixie cut and went, "Someone else did your hair last time. I'm going to cut it short, this is too thick." Oooh catty. So I just sat there and let him do his job because I've loved everything he has ever done with my hair and I know he knows how I like my hair done.

And I was okay with it. Until I got home and took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror that night. My hair was cut too short and I looked like a boy! I mean, I just wanted to look like Anne Hathaway, but I looked like Peter Pan!!!

What a stunning, gorgeous, beautiful lady. I love her.
A little side-story. I saw this in my Facebook feed and my heart just exploded with love and rainbows and awesomeness!

via Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Facebook page
My two most favorite celebrities in the WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE!
Forgive me guys. It's just so cute how the quality of the photo lets you know they took it themselves with a mobile phone, just like normal people. I love it!

Moving on... Because I was so insecure of this whole hair thing and I knew I couldn't pressure it to grow a teeny bit longer overnight, I made sure I looked and dressed just a tad more girly this week. I always wear lipstick but this week, I made sure to apply a little blush, too. And whereas I used to wear just my simple silver hoop earrings day in and day out, I took out my fancier earrings from storage and alternated wearing them instead.

Hello there, eyebags sunshine.
Also, during days I didn't wear dresses, I accessorized a wee bit more than usual.

Top - ForMe | Jeans - Cheap Monday from Bauhaus | Wedges - Parisian
Necklace - gift from my aunt | Watch - Skechers | Charm bracelets - SM Accessories
Thankfully my hair already grew a little that (I think) I don't look like a boy that much anymore, but moving forward I guess I will continue dressing this way. That's the thing I love about fashion and dressing up, you can always change things up. ;)

Ending this post with a peek at a LOVEly dress I bought on impulse because of my officemates Anne and Kira.

It's a little too big for me though so I would need to ask my mom to alter it.
There's such a krissyfied.com quality to it, don't you think? So excited to wear it. :)

How are you guys? I hope everything's great!


  1. But what are you talking abooooout? You are so freaking adorable! It suits you! Not a lot of women can rock pixie cut.

    Mine is growing too fast too soon. I might grow it out again. I trimmed it twice already. I'm so close to shaving it.

    Anyhow, yay to your (much) shorter hair. You're rocking it.


  2. very lovely!
    that is so chic!

    ---<3 keyti of brushesandpens

  3. You do not look like a boy. You look cute. You look good! Not a lot of women have the guts to get a pixie (including me) but you rock it!

  4. Speed of hair growth is inversely proportional to hair length :D Thanks Lizzie! :)

  5. Thanks Ida :) Long time! Hope everything's great with you!


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