Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015

18 March 2015

Because what better way to celebrate Women's Month than with a Beauty Fair, amirite?

Global brand Shiseido is known for creating continuous innovations in beauty by combining the most advanced human science with exquisite aesthetic elements. I was able to use the Shiseido Ibuki skincare line and my skin loved it. They started the Shiseido International Beauty Fair last year with the "aim of empowering women through beauty" and this year, they wanted to continue this streak by inviting all of you beautiful ladies to a series of events that will inspire you in bringing out your beauty from within.

Here are the special activities you can expect at the International Beauty Fair when you go:

• A masterclass makeup and skincare workshop conducted by Naka Maeda, Shiseido's highly-trained beauty consultant who flew straight from Shiseido Japan, as well as their chief makeup artist Carmel Villongco. In it, you can learn the secrets in achieving flawless, healthy, and glowing skin, as well as discuss advanced yet office-friendly makeup techniques. Shiseido will also be giving personalized course certificates to all attendees.

• Swatch parties! Parties like these are fun but quite stressful because all the colors are too pretty that it's impossible to choose!

• Skincare analysis and consultation using Shiseido’s state-of-the-art skin diagnostic tools like Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor. The latter instantly measures your skin’s actual age (versus your real age), moisture level, melanin concentration, immunity of the skin, and your facial skin’s turn-over rate.

• Beauty Simulator that mirrors the state of your skin once you’ve started on the right skin care regimen. It also simulates a chosen makeup look using Shiseido’s newly-launched makeup collection without you having to take your makeup off. Basically, it's like those editing apps that put makeup on you, virtually. The Shiseido Beauty Simulator is not available for download from Play or the App Store, heh. This feature is now available at all Shiseido counters nationwide.

• Complete Shiseido Makeover that includes eyebrow reshaping and personalized makeup tutorial that touches on balancing techniques specific to your face proportions.

• Pampering activities like hand massages and quick facials that relax, tone, and lift facial muscles.

• Special discounts and gifts with purchase. This is your chance to treat yo'self via a slew of new products that aim to revive your skin’s "glow from within." Included in this list of star products are Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, Glow Enhancing Primer, The Makeup Perfecting Stick Concealers, Shimmering Cream Eye Color, and Veiled Rouge Lipstick.

The  Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015 is even more fun when you go with your girl friends so tag them along!

My twinnie Tellie and I
Great minds think alike!
Shiseido was extra generous and gave all of us shopping sprees! Here are the things I got:

Shimmering Cream Eye Color,Veiled Rouge Lipsticks, 50+ Wet Force, and Glow Enhancing Primer
Of these, I have only been able to use the Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Fog and Veiled Rouge Lipstick in Venetian Rose and I absolutely loved them! I'm bringing Wet Force to the beach this weekend because sunscreen is important, heh. I'm also intrigued by Shiseido's claims that exposure to water makes it even stronger. My skin is a little choosy when it comes to sunscreen so I'm really hoping this will work on me.

The 2015 International Beauty Fair will run in three premiere malls this month:
• SM Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center - March 13 - 19
• Podium Activity Center - March 23 - 28
• SM Mall of Asia Atrium - March 29 - 31

Sample Room is also sampling Shiseido soon! Watch their space for the flash announcement!

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  1. I got a lipstick and concealer from Shiseido long ago. It was a gift and, unfortunately, I was unimpressed by both at the time. The concealer, probably because I wasn't even that adept with using it, let alone blending two colors together. The lipstick, on the other hand, was in a dark color that was too satiny. It kept migrating to the corners of my mouth. In retrospect, the formula was hydrating, but the color wasn't compatible with that type of formula.

    I would love to try Shiseido makeup again, one of these days. Maybe I'll start out with a lipstick to see if my experience will improve. I'm not in a hurry, but it's nice to see what they have out in the market now. :) BTW, that simulator is pretty cool. Narrows the guesswork down.

  2. Just to share a conversation Tellie and I had at the Beauty Fair:

    Tellie: *swatching concealer shades*
    Me: Hindi ako nagko-concealer eh.
    Tellie: Ang ganda mo pala eh.

    And then we burst out laughing. I don't put concealer on not because I don't think I need it, but because I legitimately don't know how to use it! :D

    The Veiled Rouge Lipsticks are really good! I've been using 711 every day since I got it. But the Shimmering Cream Eye Color is my favorite. I applied it yesterday morning and it didn't budge at all! No creasing until after I got home, not even after I jogged around Ayala Triangle Gardens, even with no primer! :)

  3. I was gonna write about this din! *copies notes*

    LOL JK. What lippie shades did you get? I am so loving 711 and I love how it doesn't make my lip skin peel off thickly at the end of the day (such is the case when I get moisturizing lippies)

  4. To this day, I am still unable to figure out two-toned concealer. That's why I haven't gone near Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier duos.

    I'll check out the cream shadow. I've been skeptical with those for far too long anyway. Maybe this will change my mind.

  5. what time po nag sstart yung event?


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