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27 April 2015

You, probably: Are we done talking about Buqo YA now? I hope we're done.


You, probably: Ughhh.

LOL sorry guys, but the effect of last Saturday's launch hasn't worn off yet. If anything, it reverberates even more now that the initial comments from people who were the first ones to get their copies of the Sweet Complications bundle that contains my story Once Upon a Sticky Note have already started coming in! I am absolutely floored by the attention it has been getting, and I am so thankful. ♡


Plain Vanilla by my bundle-mate Ines Bautista Yao. I bought all the Buqo YA bundles but of course I got started with ours! I am alternating this with Alternative Alamat, a collection of short stories by contemporary authors of Philippine fantasy. I've always found mythology so fascinating, even more so with Philippine mythology looking at how rich and diverse our folklore is.

Still my Spark NA novella. I may or may not have started panicking already.

Nate Ruess. He has a new song called AhHa and he's immaculate.

Whether or not I should get that cup of milk tea. I have been having this internal debate for hours, heh.

Swell. Everything's grand, everything's magnificent.

That in just three days, our ebook bundle is now ranked #1 in the Young Adult category and #3 overall! NUMBER THREE! THIRD! I am so happy I want to cry!

To stop procrastinating and put my writing cap on. Stat.

More time? LOL.

That you guys like Once Upon a Sticky Note as much as I enjoyed being brought along by Nate and Tanya's story. That readers can rate or review my work constructively. That I get to finish my Spark NA novella in time.

Wish me luck. Have a pleasant week ahead, everyone! Take care of your hearts. ♥ 

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