Easter Komiket 2015

05 April 2015

I am turning a year older tomorrow, and I spent my last day as a 28-year-old in today's Komiket held in Elements at Centris. 

My new favorite dress
My main reason for going was to get my hands on the newest installment of Manix Abrera's Kikomachine Komix so I wouldn't have to hound my favorite bookstores if they already have a copy, and to also hopefully have it signed by him.

Instead of the usual messages, Manix also left a special birthday doodle on my copy!
I also came to support Vlad. He was supposed to just go and check out the event, but he also decided to sell his own comics, Shards, and the two-part origin stories of the three main characters.

The Wolf, the Panda, and the Monkey
I finished reading all the origin stories already as well as the first volume of Shards, and I liked it! Very promising and I'm excited to read the rest! Among the three, my favorite character is the Wolf because he's so mysterious. I wondered earlier whether I could coax Vlad into giving me clues as to what would happen next, but I figured it's better to find out myself when the next volumes are already available. (^~^)

Also saw some friends today!

My dear friend Michelle kept me company while waiting for my turn for Manix's autograph and also took our photo! So nice to see her again after quite a while. To think we used to go to and from work together every day as I used to live in an apartment beside their house!
Fellow April baby Mimai!
Craft birthdate soon, please!
My former officemate Thysz!
And, I was about to go home, another photo with Manix!
I got home before it got dark. Enough time to buy my favorite milk tea and relax at home with my new comic books.

My Komiket haul: Kikomachine Komix Blg. 11: Mga Kirot ng Kapalaran! by Manix Abrera, Shards and the two-parts each origin stories of the Wolf, the Monkey, and the Panda by Vee Jocson, and Komiks Galing sa Aking Kaluluwa by Andoyman
Exactly a year ago today, I had the #LegenwaitforitdaryKrissyParty. In contrast, today was pretty low-key and relaxed but still with things I love and people I like the company of. Not such a shabby way to say goodbye to 28, yes?


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