Currently Vol. 13

30 March 2015

"Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got." The first time I saw this quote attributed to Robert Brault I was all, "Huh." and instantly felt myself entering a state of zen, with my past hurts dissipating faster than you can say om.

That is the ideal scenario; in reality, this is a lot easier said than done. I don't know about you but if someone does something that hurt me, I would always want to have the last say. Holding grudges is one of my character flaws unless time and space work their magic and really make me forget.

In this specific instance, time and space have indeed helped me forget, so it was a pleasant surprise when someone from my past resurfaced out of the blue after all these years to apologize for hurting me. I guess growing up and experiencing many other different things have given me a new perspective, but I can honestly say I am no longer affected by everything that happened between us before. Either way, him saying sorry and asking for forgiveness was such a nice and sweet gesture.

Here is this week's Currently.


My submission for Activity 1 of Spark NA. I already have a plot in mind, now I just need to execute it properly. But first, yeah, Activity 1.

Myself yawn every couple of minutes.

My comfy pajamas. Sleeping shortly after publishing this!

Of other possible plot lines I can pursue after Spark NA. But first, Spark NA!

Sleepy. It has been a long day and my bed is waiting.

The cover of my buqo YA story designed by Vlad! Technically my story will be part of an ebook bundle so it wouldn't really need a cover, but I had one made just the same. ♥

To think of something to do on my birthday. IT'S EXACTLY A WEEK FROM TODAY!

You all a lovely welcome to summer!

Gonna leave you with this artwork by The Notebook Doodles.

Choose your battles. Take care of your hearts. ♥


  1. Love that last quote. I think a lot of people really need to learn to take a step back. If everything affects you, you don't really have your own direction.

  2. Choose your battles. Definitely.

    I agree. It is easier said than done. I'm really the type of person who doesn't re-hash but will never ever ever forget the things said/done to me even if we're still friends. And honestly even if society and religion say it's not good, it's me that's who I am and I've accepted it. Not a lot of people can own that. :))


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