Girlstuff's Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection

05 April 2015

I used to like applying polish on my nails. I have a huge stash of nail polish bottles at home and I'll have a different color on each week. I did it frequently enough that even my left hand became proficient on applying nail polish on my right hand! For fun I also used to do nail art on myself; strawberries, watermelons, dots, and stripes were regular fixtures on my nails.

As I became preoccupied with work and other hobbies, prettifying my nails took a backseat. I'd tell everyone who would care to listen that I find cutting my nails too cumbersome because it will just grow back! 눈_눈 I still buy a bottle or two of polish every now and then, but mostly they just got mixed in with my other stash, unused and forgotten.

When the Queen of Nail Art Nikki herself invited me to the Girlstuff event held in Stacy's last Monday, I did not hesitate to confirm because nail polish! Blogger friends! Fun! I wasn't able to leave work early though so the event was already in full swing when I got there. Here are some photos!

An explosion of color
Bottles of nail polish! Fimo clay! Dotting tools! Nail stickers!
This candy and dessert buffet and I were MFEO
Anyone could have their nails done but because I was late I wasn't able to participate anymore. Good thing we were given our own Girlstuff bottles to play with when we get home! You may see what I did with my nails below. (^_−)☆ The event was held to launch the four shades in Girlstuff's Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection, a capsule collection in partnership with four of Manila’s top and sassiest lifestyle, fashion, parenting, and beauty bloggers.

Clockwise from top left: AskMeWhats by Nikki Tiu, Go Jackie Go by Jackie Go, Strutting on Sunshine by Cristina Decena, and Topaz Horizon by Frances Amper-Sales
AskMeWhats is an orchid pink shade with lilac undertones that fit Nikki's cheerful personality. (Also, can I just say that if anyone deserves to have a nail polish shade named after her, it's Nikki? I'm a big fan of her nail art posts!) Go Jackie Go is a lime green shade that can remind you of a tropical paradise. Strutting on Sunshine is a bright sky blue shade that depicts clear skies and cerulean seas. Lastly, Topaz Horizon is a bright chartreuse. These are all pastel shades that can work with any skin tone. Seriously, I dare you to paint your nails with these shades and see if it doesn't brighten up your day. Perfect for summer!

Wearing Nikki's and Jackie's outfits' love child (⌒▽⌒)
Hello, Juro!
With my twinnie Tellie who is celebrating her birthday TODAY!
Drop by her blog and greet her, will ya?
Stacy's facade is too cute to pass up a photo-op
Girlstuff is a local brand but their polishes are made in France and are free of harmful chemicals. The Girlstuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection uses their well-loved sophisticate gel-type formula to turn four fun shades into sassy, shiny, trendy, and long lasting polish. I applied AskMeWhats last Tuesday and my nails have been enjoying a chip-free life for six days now! Ah-ma-zing!

AskMeWhats and a sprinkling of Star Dust
I especially like AskMeWhats because the shade differs depending on the light. Sometimes it looks light pink, other times it looks orchid. I love it!

I can't wait to try the other shades in this collection. Thank you for renewing my love for nail polish, Girlstuff!

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Disclosure: I was invited to the event and was given a special press gift. I was not required nor compensated for this post, all opinions are my own. See my complete Disclosure Policy here.


  1. i like the green polish! go, jackie, go! heheh :)

  2. I haven't tried that yet! Will post a photo when I do. ^_~
    I put on Topaz Horizon today, hihi. ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for coming and I appreciate the LOVE! I felt it! SUPER! and I love your outfit!!! Hope to see you again!!!! Mwa :x


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