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Sticky Notes in Tiny Letter

Hello. This morning, as I was running along MoA's Ocean Drive for the Watsons Challenge: Color Manila Run, I decided I will make a Tiny Letter account. I have been mulling over this for so long as, really, how many social media sites do I really need? But then, I thought that hey, this could be a good writing exercise for me.


This is especially for the readers who only like personal posts. I promise you that it will not contain any event posts, reviews, or product placements - just plain ol' stream of consciousness weaving thoughts and feelings into words.

Subscribe to my Tiny Letter here [if you want to]. The first Sticky Note will be sent tonight.

Do you have Tiny Letter, too? Post your link on the comments! Thanks, everyone. Take care of your hearts. ♡ 


CJ said…
Woooooww! Love that you went for the bras though. I would've gotten some underwear for myself if ever hahaha
krissy said…
I was a practical shopper that night! ^_^