Krissy Makes

12 April 2015

#KrissyfiedMakes is the hashtag I use on Instagram for my watercolor paintings and various DIY projects. And because I'm all for saying your dreams out loud, here it is: someday I'd like to put up a stationery brand with this name and sell products that feature my art. I just need to improve my skills and paint more. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Yesterday, this took on a different meaning.

O hai, Saturday! You look like a fresh set of possibilities!
Positively beaming with excitement
Wearing Browhaus Bi-Liner in Midnight Blue and L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in Lincoln Rose
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Krissy Makes. Literally.

Krissy Makes Art

I went to the Woman, Create event in Top Shelf, Fully Booked BHS yesterday to support Marika's passion project. Woman, Create is an art and fashion fundraising pop-up event that mainly aims to gather and empower women through art, creativity, and (fun) discourse. There were workshops, a bazaar featuring artsy stuff and fashionable pieces, and live music. It was fun! I got there a little before 12 and found the place buzzing with activity.

I participated in Mawee Borromeo's Basic Portrait Illustration Workshop and sucked. LOL.

Mawee was a great teacher. Her live tutorial was absolutely fascinating and I was mesmerized! It's just that I really don't know how to draw. I can paint and I can write but I can't draw, heh.

I TRIED, GUYS. I really tried. Feast your eyes at the hair peeking behind the portrait Mawee made. I won't show you what I drew anymore because it looks like a failed cartographic sketch. I'll stick to writing and watercolors.

Buuut, Meream, ever so sweet Meream, messaged me this:
"Don't give up drawing! It takes practice, trust me. It's a lot like writing, really. It's basically memorizing nose/ear sizes in reference to the face shape, or where the light/shading goes, the same way we "memorize" subject-verb agreement or proper sentence structure. Practice, draw every day." 
Thank you, Meream! I will!

Mawee and I
I had to leave early because I still needed to go to National Bookstore in Cubao for the first Spark NA face-to-face class. It doesn't seem obvious, but I learned so much! Thanks, Mawee! It was great meeting you! And congratulations, Marika! I feel bad we didn't get to take a photo together.

I didn't leave before getting a Mawee Borromeo print, though!
She accepts commissions. Check out her other works/ contact her via Instagram!
Krissy Makes Up a Story

I was stalled by a bit of EDSA traffic (even on a Saturday! Horrendous.) that the class has already started when I got there.

Mina addressing the class
We introduced ourselves and our Main Characters to our table-mates, and were given the chance to speak up one by one about what makes us buy books. When my turn came, I said I'm an impulse buyer and I have a loooooong list of books in my stash I need to start reading stat. What makes me notice a book are its blurb and reviews. I also like pop culture references, stories within stories, witty and sharp dialogue, passionate and headstrong characters, and lyrical writing. I could only hope to apply these to the story I'm currently writing.

This is my romance class/ buqo YA/ Spark NA notebook
I can have nice and neat handwriting, but, you know, my thoughts are faster than my hands. I can't let great ideas go just because I'm too concerned about my penmanship. The problem is, sometimes I can't even decipher my own notes. I'm sure The Next Great Novel is in there somewhere... In hieroglyphs or codex, probably.
Activity 3: Outline is due today. Wish me luck!

Krissy Makes Friends

I am terribly shy and it doesn't seem obvious (at least I don't think so) but speaking to new people takes much pep talk in my part. Still, I'm glad I made new friends at Spark NA class today!

With Amae
Her YA story One Lovely Summer Day and mine are bundled together!
See the blurbs and sign up for the blog tour here.
With Nina and Rei
With Chrissie
Author of All's Fair in Blog and War, which I loved!
Fun and inspiring day that boosted my creativity and confidence and reminded me why I love doing what I do. (Not that I need reminding, but still.) Now we're off to Malabon to celebrate April birthday celebrators (mine included, yay!) but I'll be bringing my writing notebook with me to continue working on my outline, heh. Hope you enjoy your day today!


  1. I am so excited to read your #buqoYA story. Yayyy! This is it. You finally have a published story. :) So happy for you, Krissy.


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