Review and Giveaway: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection

10 April 2015

Heads up: the new L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip Collection is not for the faint of heart.

Leave your nude, MLBB, and vampy lipsticks at home in the meantime because this summer, BOLD is in.

Orange Power, Glamour Fuchsia, Lincoln Rose, Touch of Amaranth, Pop Up Pink
These lipsticks are so pigmented that two swipes yield this much color
Glamour Fuchsia, Lincoln Rose, Orange Power, Pop Up Pink, Touch of Amaranth
I will be posting individual swatches of the lipsticks on me but first, I'd like to talk about the formula. I love L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks because even though L'Oreal is a drugstore brand, its lipsticks never felt cheap. I own and have reviewed several L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks already (Fairy Touch and Barely Moka are two of my favorites) and I love them because they are non-drying, the colors complement my skin tone, and they feel luxurious to the lips. As for the shades in the Color Riche Electric collection, I'd have to say I got a bit scared when I first saw them in person. The press release wasn't lying when it described the shades as electrifying! My lips can also get a bit dry sometimes so I was worried that the matte shades will look horrible on me. Buuut as the swatches below will prove, I didn't have anything to worry about. The three matte lipsticks (Glamour Fuchsia, Lincoln Rose, Orange Power) are true mattes that are flat but never boring, while the satiny lipsticks (Pop Up PinkTouch of Amaranth) are more wet and creamy. They are very easy to apply, matte lipsticks included, and do not tug on the lips. The matte lipsticks also tended to stay on a bit longer than the other two.

I tried to take individual photos of the lipsticks but my iPhone couldn't seem to capture the raspberry redness of Lincoln Rose (it looks too orange in the photos) nor the exquisite milky-pink beauty of Pop Up Pink so I decided to forego them and just post my lip swatches. Aside from the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipsticks, I wasn't wearing anything else on my face in the photos below so you can see how the lipsticks instantly brightened up my face. But then again, with shades as bold as these, you wouldn't really need to pile on too much. A clean canvas, a Color Riche Electric lipstick, and a simple cat eye and the glam factor would already skyrocket!

Glamour Fuchsia
Won't you look at that and tell me how gorgeous the color is! This was the color I wore on my birthday. Doesn't it look like the kind of lipstick Barbie would wear? This is my second favorite from the bunch.

Lincoln Rose
I was reminded of raspberries and candy apples when I was testing this out. I had a hard time choosing, but this is my favorite because I have a lot of red lipsticks but I don't have anything like this in my collection. I wore this at the Easter Komiket.

Orange Power
I already have an orange lipstick but it was my first time to try a matte orange lipstick. It's such a unique and fun color that I see myself wearing with my teal eyeliner.

Pop Up Pink
It's a creamy milky pink that may look mild and sweet in this photo but looks more neon in person. This reminded me of OFRA 205 but I liked the formula of this one better. It also looked like a prettier version of MAC Pink Nouveau (that no matter what I did, I couldn't get to work for me so I just gave it away to Kira).

Touch of Amaranth
This one reminded me of my favorite MAC Girl About Town. Aside from Glamour Fuchsia, this is another lipstick shade I could imagine Barbie wearing.

You know how some makeup products can "Insta-boost" your mood? These shades are so vibrant they could easily chase all your woes away! When I have any of these shades on, I feel like I want to bust my heels out and take over the world!

These colors last on me for at least five hours. Aside from the highly-pigmented and creamy formula and the outlandishness of these shades, my favorite thing about these Color Riche Electric lipsticks are the fact that they don't settle on my lip lines. Any bold color would look ridiculous if that happens, but you're safe with L'Oreal Paris.

I also liked its elegant rose gold (for the matte shades) and gold (for the satin shades) packaging that doesn't feel flimsy at all. It's also classy enough that you wouldn't feel embarrassed to whip it out for a quick touch-up anywhere you are.

In conclusion, L'Oreal Color Riche Electric lipsticks are lip colors that are ultra-bold, ultra-trendy, yet easily wearable and can instantly brighten up any look. If you're feeling down, all you need is a swipe or two of any of these colors and I SWEAR you will instantly feel better. If you feel intimidated, DON'T! After all, it's just lipstick. ^_~

Here's a side-by-side comparison of all five shades
Now here's the fun part. L'Oreal Paris was so generous to give away Color Riche Electric lipsticks to five of my readers! Check out the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Note: This giveaway is open to those residing in the Philippines only. The five winners will be announced on the first week of May. Good luck!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipsticks are now at a special price of only P499 for a limited time only so check out its 30 matte and satin shades in L’Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris counters nationwide.

Disclosure: The products have been sent to me for review but I was not required nor compensated to write this post. Giveaway prizes will be coming from L'Oreal Paris via Pulse Communications - Ogilvy Public Relations. Read my blog's complete Disclosure Policy here.


  1. Glamour Fuchsia wins my heart big time. It really does lit up your face and you do not need much make up to look awesome.

  2. Hi Ms. Krissy! I came across your site when I was searching for a review on the book Interim Goddess of Love by Mina Esguerra. My most favorite is your journey on how you enrolled at romanceclass, your graduation and your photos with Mina *envious*. I am a big fan of her too. I also love that in each every post, you have an update on what are you reading, wearing, and listening to. I love every bit of your posts that's why choosing my least favorite post of yours is very hard. I'd like to win a L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipstick because I have a fair skin and wearing a bold color of lipstick makes me look less pale. Here are my top choices:
    1- Glamour Fuschia
    2- Lincoln rose
    3- Orange Power
    4- Touch of Amaranth
    5- Pop Up Pink

    Thanks for this Ms. Krissy :)
    I am looking forward to read your Unce Upon a Sticky Note :)

  3. Super nice the shades on you, Krissy!! Lincoln Rose might be my favorite :)

  4. It's my favorite, too! Thanks, Shari! :)

  5. I discovered your blog when I'm browsing on my instagram account. I love every post of yours. I learned and discovered new things by reading each of your posts. I'd like to win L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric Lip in Orange Power because I haven't tried orange shades before.

    Thanks for this Ms. Krissy. Hoping to be one of the lucky winners.


  6. I came across your blog thru @Anagon's twitter, I think she mentioned you about a particular topic. I enjoy your posts coz its well written and you always share personal thoughts and stories. I always look forward for your movie and book reviews, but one of my fave post would be when you share about your Buqo YA novel. I am excited and happy that you finished it on time and hopefully I can read it too. I like to see more about DIY projects esp for working girls like us.

    I would like to win the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipstick coz I want to switch up my style and try something new & different shades.
    1.Lincoln rose
    2.Touch of Amaranth
    3. Glamour Fuschia
    4. Orange Power
    5- Pop Up Pink

    Hope to win!

    Henley Tabal /

  7. Hello Krissy! Great giveaway! Well, I can't remember where exactly I found your blog but I am definitely sure it was through my daily blog hopping. I normally check my feeds through bloglovin and I notice if you post pictures of your OOTDs, I will check it out. I also love your watercolor paintings! More of that, please! Hehe. Least favorite would be posts that talk about gadgets unless they're pretty to look at like a pink cam? LOL.

    Mann, I can't remember the last time I wore a lipstick from L'oreal. It's a shame but I loved their Gelmatic Liner. Anyway, I think this Color Riche Electric Lip collection will make me revisit this brand soon.

    1 Orange Power
    2 Touch of Amaranth
    3 Lincoln Rose
    4 Glamour Fuchsia
    5 Pop Up Pink

    My name is Laarni T. (sorry, last name was intentional. I don't want my full name to be googled. hehe. I hope it's okay.)

  8. Touch of Amaranth is gorge!!!!

  9. hi krissy! this is an awesome giveaway so i really have to join. i first came upon your blog just blog hopping and thru my ig feed. i love all your makeup/beauty events posts so keep em coming. :) i don't really have a least favorite post or topic since i feel that as this is your blog you can basically post what you want. hehe. i've always loved l'oreal color riche lipsticks.. i remember this as one of the very first lipsticks i bought for myself with my paycheck when i started working... so winning a tube would be ah-mazing!!!
    1.touch of amaranth
    2.glamour fuschia rose power
    5.pop up pink

    thanks! - audrey dones

  10. Phoebe Ruth M. RobertoApril 17, 2015 at 2:35 PM

    Hi Ms. Krissy! It's been a year now since I started reading blogs and base most my shopping/buying decisions (haha) from blogger's point of views and suggestions whether it's about food, fashion or travel. That is why I started to follow all the great bloggers by reading from one blog to the other, and that's when I happened to visit your blog Ms. Krissy :) I love your posts about arts and crafts since I'm an art lover! I would love to see more food and travel blog posts :)

    About the L'Oreal Paris Lipstick, honestly I'm somewhat hesitant to wear lipstick at all times since I feel like eating them. I actually want to be free spirited with bare face most of the time, but this coming school year, I'll be needing to be more presentable since I'll start working na. hahaha :)

    btw, here's my ranking:
    1. Orange Power
    2. Lincoln Rose
    3. Pop Up Pink
    4. Touch of Amaranth
    5. Glamour Fuchsia

    Thank you! More Powers to you and your Blog Ms. Krissy :)

  11. Hi Krissy! I have been intrigued by your blog since I am thrilled with your freebies! I love make up (no -- I suuuuuper love make up!) I am excited to try all shades of L'Oreal Paris Color Riche! :) Here are my top picks:
    1.touch of amaranth power rose
    4. pop up pink
    5.glamour fuschia

    Love your posts on arts and fashion. Your blog inspires people to go out and have an amazing experience with all the world has to offer! Thank you for I am one of them. Keep bloggin' and rockin' gurl!

  12. Hi Krissy, I started reading your blog way back in 2010 and from then on I am always on the look out for your reviews from make up to movies to books. I personally like the fact that when you review a certain product, you give out your most honest opinions. I also love your writings about your friends and life experiences. I find them raw, almost like the reader can feel the writer's emotions.

    Now, about this new L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lip Collection. if I were to rate them it will probably go like this:

    1 - Glamour Fuchsia (This one I totally adore!)
    2 - Orange Power
    3 - Touch of Amaranth
    4 - Lincoln Rose
    5 - Pop up Pink

    Just my thoughts.


  13. Yey! Hello Krissy, I started reading your blog and I've been so much loving it :) From then I always excited in your make up review ☀ Love it when your a straight to the point when it comes on reviewing make ups . ☀Keep it up :)

    If I will rate L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lip Collection. if I were to rate them like this☀

    1 - Glamour Fuchsia
    2 - Pop up Pink
    3 - Lincoln Rose
    4 - Orange Power
    5 - Touch of Amaranth

    More power on your blog☀☀☀
    Xoxo Maridie

  14. How did you first come across

    -Thank you to Miss Ana G., I came across to and met one of the friendliest and kindest bloggers ever!

    Among everything I've written here, which one is your favorite post?

    -I love your blog posts but if it comes to book and movie review, I'm on it! I love how you did the movie review for I love Rosie! :)

    What would you like to see more of on

    -Movie, television shows, book reviews and beauty products (in short, lahat! Hihi... :) )

    Which post did you like least? What would you like to see less of on

    Why would you like to win a L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipstick?
    -Honestly, none. You one of the bloggers whom everyone can relate to. Your honest opinion and your style of writing is very believable! Keep it up Krissy!

    L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipsticks:

    1. Glamour Fuchsia
    2. Lincoln Rose
    3. Pop up Pink
    4. Orange Power
    5. Touch of Amaranth

    Lovely review and the lipstick colors! Thank you! -Paula Romana Alagao

  15. I discovered your blog months ago because i was looking for beauty bloggers and reading their reviews, I love reviews, FOR REAL. 😁 I love every blog post you wrote especially when it comes to cosmetics, soaps, etc. I would like to see more and more reviews about beauty products because it helps us, girls, to know what products we can use that won't harm our skin :) What would you like to see less of on Krissyfied? I think, none. Everything you post is just perffff ❤️

    I would like to win a L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Electric lipstick simply because i really really really really love llipsticks! I hate it when my lips look pale. I found comfort in lipsticks 😍

    My top 1 would be..
    Touch Of Amaranth

    2nd: Glamour Fuchsia
    3rd: Lincoln rose
    4th: Pop up Pink
    5th: Orange power

    Allana Jossette S. Pascual ❤️

  16. Just recently started reading your blogs when I discover you on Instagram. Im kinda latebloomer on this kind of thing so reading your blogs is one of my Me time of the day. I was kinda busy of being a newbie mom, that's why Im really enjoying reading especially your blogs. My favorite post of you was your 29th birthday. Your so lucky to be sorrounded by good friends and your smile on your those pics are priceless. I cant really say of what my least favorite was because Im just halfway through reading your blogs.
    I really want to win because its a best gift a mom could ever recieve😁 thank you for this opportunity!
    My top shades in order• glamour fuchsia•lincoln rose• touch of amaranth• pop up pink•orange power
    God Bless,
    Jeremy Garcia

  17. thanks Krissy! Excited for the lippie :) have a nice weekend!

  18. Krissy, got the Orange Power yesterday! Thank you!!!!!! <3


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