SM Ladies' Night (oh what a night!)

17 April 2015

Who would say no to shopping? Who would say no to shopping at 50% off? Keep calm? Who could keep calm at deals and discounts as huge as these?


At 6PM to 9PM only for five Wednesdays, SM Woman and GTW by SM are treating us women by offering EVERYTHING on the racks at 50% off! Note that this includes the freshest merchandise and not just pieces from previous seasons! The first SM Ladies' Night was held in SM Makati last Wednesday, and oh boy did we all have a great time.

With Earth, Shari, Camie, Vina, Rhea, Raiza, Meryll, and Yuki
With Aisa, Arnie, Ava, Ana, and Jackie
Since our team got there early to prepare for the event, I had the sneaky plan of going around the mall at around 3PM to check out the pieces available so I would already know which racks and aisles to make a beeline for the moment the clock strikes 6, but I should have known better. Work comes first, so I wasn't able to do that.

I was expecting it to be chaotic, to be honest, but as it turns out everyone was as cool, calm, and collected as possible given the 50% OFF tags all around. I could only speak for the aisles I was able to check out while the sale was going on, though. My other blog friends had other stories, hee. (Ana said she had a Confessions of a Shopaholic movie-moment where she and another lady grabbed the last piece at the same time!)

Kira, Alex, and Earth with their loot

Aside from the massive discount, SM Woman and GTW by SM also offer instant Fashion Rewards, where a single receipt purchase worth P1,000 gives you a P100 cash voucher, a P2,500 receipt gives you P300, and a P5,000 receipt gives you P700! Ah-ma-zing!

With my classmate and friend from college Kaye, who won my SM Ladies' Night giveaway!
I was so surprised when her username appeared on the Randomizer!
GTW by SM also generously sent me an outfit to wear to the event
I love this romper because it looks so chic and classy! Would you believe it only costs P799.75? With the discount, this would amount to less than P400 only!
I wasn't able to shop that much because I was already feeling exhausted by the time 8PM rolled around. (Shopping in heels does that.) But still, I am SO HAPPY with my loot!

I mean, who wouldn't be, after seeing all those 50% discount tags on the receipt?
I got a jumpsuit (last piece in XL but it's nothing my Mom can't fix), a floral dress I wore to the Wingstop launch, a green cropped top, a tight floral midi-skirt, a Batman top and shorts, and lots of underwear!
Would you believe that the total cost of my SM Woman/ GTW by SM haul amounted to P2,398 only? I wanted to kick myself for not grabbing another piece just so total cost would go up to P2,500; I could have gotten an additional P300 voucher for that! Oh well.

Because I have the shopping EQ of a pillow, I am so excited to know where the next SM Ladies' Night will be this coming April 22! Did you go to the first one and are also eager to go again?  Or did you miss it but would want to check out the next one? Follow SM Woman on Facebook and Instagram for updates! Enjoooy!

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