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20 April 2015

Last Friday, we had a meeting with a new client in their office. Guess where their office is?

It's in Fully Booked in BGC, one of my favorite places in the world!

Oh man, I could just imagine going to work there and walking between endless aisles of books, art supplies, and DVDs every break-time. So convenient, but I could also imagine how antsy or distracted I would be!

Batman: A Visual History
The newest addition to my ever-expanding book wishlist, huhu
Plus, low enough as it is, I'm sure my shopping EQ would be diminished to almost nothing! Case in point, here's my newest buy, grabbed from the shelf and paid for instantaneously:

What If? by Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, which I got from Book Depository
When it comes to impulse buys, I am the best/ worst. In my defense, at least I wouldn't have to wait for two to three weeks before I get my copy.

Someday, I'm going to have my own bookstore, and it would carry my books that I would write. ♡

Speaking of books, I'd like to thank Alvin for his "Congratulations, you're an author!" gift to me!

I love books, movies, and books about movies
This is perfect! Thank you!
Aaand speaking of author-things, I have already signed the contract for Buqo to distribute the Young Adult story I wrote as part of a bundle.

There will be a launch event for the Buqo YA bundles this coming Saturday, April 25, in Greenfield District. If you would be so inclined, I hope you guys can come and support me new Filipino authors!

Another way to show your support [if you want to, we're not twisting arms here] is to join the Buqo YA blog tour if you have a blog! Go here to sign up if you would like to review the books or post excerpts or author interviews. My story is part of the Sweet Complications bundle whose blog tour schedule is slated for May 4 to 8. ♡

Now I'd like to reveal the cover Vlad Jocson made for me, as well as the blurb for Once Upon a Sticky Note.

Nate and Tanya have been “talk all day, every day” best friends for years but on the eve of Nate’s birthday, Tanya realized she has started developing more-than-platonic feelings him. They’re going off to college soon so confessing anything that might make things complicated between them doesn’t sound like a good plan, especially now that Campus Sweetie Armi has entered the picture. What would Tanya do? Could she? Should she? Grab a sticky note and place your bets.
It's a short story that you can finish in one sitting, but I hope the "feels" satisfy you. I can't wait for you guys to read it and tell me what you think!

I'm equal parts excited for and terrified of Saturday. ( ⋂‿⋂’) It's gonna be a long week!


I just started with 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff. I needed something not romance-centric; I don't need other fictional worlds mixing with my Spark NA-thoughts, heh.

Still my Spark NA novella. I don't think I have hit my stride yet but the elements are coming together quite nicely. I just really hope I get to finish this and get a stab at that publishing deal!

Fun. because Nate Ruess's voice gives me life.

Sleeveless cotton tank top and shorts. IT'S SO HOT AND HUMID IN MANILA RIGHT NOW.

Of what to wear tomorrow.

Okay. I'm anxious yet excited due to reasons stated above, but otherwise, yeah, I think I'm okay.

How a project gives birth to other projects.

That Batman: A Visual History book.

That Batman: A Visual History book.

For that Batman: A Visual History book. And that you guys like Once Upon a Sticky Note  as much as I enjoyed exploring Nate and Tanya's journey to young love.

Have a pleasant week ahead, everyone! Take care of your hearts. ♥

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