Just for {punches and} kicks

24 August 2013

I don't know what's gotten into me, but lately I found myself wanting to get fit again. I must have been bitten by a fitness bug or something, or maybe seeing my friends Ralph, Mike, and Sheila going to work with their gym bags on hand must have had some sort of influence on me.

As you know, I have started practicing yoga. A couple of weeks ago I also bought a jump rope (it's pink and purple!) plus I've been thinking of getting one of those elastics for endurance and strength training. Baby steps, yes, but as my job requires me to sit in front of my computer most of the time (except when we have events, of course) I need to add a little more physical activity to my daily grind and make sure the machine's well-oiled, so to speak.

Today, my carpool-mate and friend Sheila invited me to go as her guest to Fitness First in SM North EDSA - The Block. I gladly obliged.

It was my first time to go to Fitness First there and I liked it because it's huge and has a lot of amenities. If I can squeeze it in my budget, I think I want to apply and be a member. I just need to make sure that this is something I can be committed to and it's not just one of those hobbies I took up and spent a lot of money on but easily forgot about, like cross-stitching.

We were supposed to go to the 4-5 PM yoga class but we weren't able to make it because of the heavy traffic. All's well and good though because we were able to join the 5-6 PM combat cardio group exercise. It's like Zumba, except instead of dancing, you punch and kick. It was great; I felt tired after, but still pretty energetic. It "woke up" most of my muscles and got my heart pumping in a good way. One technique to try: imagine that you are punching and kicking your worst enemy so that you can give it your all, which I did, a lot. Kiddiiiiing. Not really.

I have low blood pressure so I wasn't able to try the sauna and steam room. I'll have a go next time, probably.

Obligatory tourist photo LOL
I'm carrying my Rootote ROO Shopper!
Post gym treat: Rabo Rainbow ice cream from Picket Fence
Tastes like vanilla, only happier! If that makes any sense haha.
It's sooo good!
With Ate Sheila
She introduced Yoga+ to me. And yup, she was also there when I showed how much I suck at badminton. I had a great time today! Thank you so much, Ate Sheila!

I hope to high heavens it won't rain and that I won't wake up with sore muscles tomorrow so that I won't have a hard time going to Makati to attend the 3 PM flow yoga class. It'll be my first time to go to one so I'm really looking forward to it.

How are you? Hope you're enjoying your weekend, too! 。◕‿◕。  

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  1. baby step, indeed! try looking for a gym near your workplace or home so you will feel more motivated to go! thank goodness there's a gym just a few floors below my building so i go there regularly for months now! :)


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