Badminton skillz? I don't haz it.

10 August 2013

Hi everyone, how's your long weekend? I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. (∩_∩) Right now I'm just alternating between listening to my Eraserheads playlist and watching Harry Potter cast interviews on Youtube because rainy Saturdays are made for feeling sentimental about things.

This morning was much more active: I spent it playing badminton with my friends watching my friends/ carpool-mates/ breakfast buddies play badminton.

My Iron Man/ Gryffindor Hush Puppies made a starring appearance at the badminton court today

Chum and Sheila
Ralph and Mike
If there is any more proof needed at how badly I suck at any kind of competitive physical activity, this would be it. Mike was cool about it, but I felt bad for him because he was stuck as my teammate so I quit after two games. (*≧▽≦) My best friend Jerome is an ace badminton player - that's the closest to sports I will ever be and I'm okay with that, unless we count jackstones and hopscotch.

Nevertheless, no one could argue that I did a pretty good job at being their scorer.

Fun times! But I guess I'm sticking to yoga or books and movies next time heh. That's not to say I won't join them next time, though. As I said, I am a pretty good scorer. d=(´▽`)=b Hope you're all enjoying your weekends!


  1. Oooo, I loved badminton when I was a kid. I've never seen a real court for it, though. We put a net up in our backyard. Either we put it up too high or it just looked higher because I was so young. I also remember playing by myself sometimes, just hitting it up into the to see how many times I could hit it (without letting it hit the ground). I'm glad you had fun with your friends. That's much more important then being a great player. Now I have to try to fix the leak in our toilet. Such a fun Saturday!!! :)

  2. i love badminton! :D geez, last time i played was 3 months ago pa yata! haha

  3. OMG my sister and I love badminton!! My sister actually won a championship league earlier this year back in Kuwait. :)


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