Kawaii keyboard

04 August 2013

It's buried somewhere in my 'favorited' tweets but the lagging Internet connection is making it impossible for me to find it: when Meream told me something along the lines of "we surrender in the pursuit of all things cute", I never did quite forget. It stuck because it described both of us and our mutual love for unique and quirky stuff so well! (◕‿◕✿)

That was exactly what went through my mind while paying for my purchases at Fully Booked in TriNoma yesterday together with this set of keyboard stickers!

Polka dots, stripes, piano keys, stars, clouds, hearts, and a lot more!
I spent the weekend in my aunt's house in Valenzuela. When I got home this afternoon, I went to work straightaway!

The stickers are better suited for full-sized keyboards, but I did not falter (why do I sound so dramatic? Over stickers?? Sheesh). After almost an hour of cutting some that were too big for my chiclet keys (the alphanumeric keys are okay, the function keys I had to cut), here are photos of the finished product!

Ladies and gents, my kawaii keyboard:

SO KYOOOT!!! Isn't she lovely? Isn't she pretty? My only beef is that I wish the heart could've been in the letter K instead of J. Ha ha.

The best thing about it?

I got the stickers for only P99.75! And it's the last piece!
The sweet lady in the counter at the Fully Booked even got sad when she saw I got it. She asked me if it's the last piece and I said yes. Maybe she plans on getting it?
I got Robyn, a Samsung NC110, on August 5 of last year in anticipation of my new job at ARC. I originally wanted a black netbook since the first one I got, Lady Fabrize, was white as well. They didn't have black in stock though, so this white-and-candy pink model went home with me instead. I have been planning to prettify her in any way but I never got around to doing it, so these stickers couldn't have come at a better time! Happy first birthday, Robyn! May you live long and well. o (◡‿◡✿) 


  1. Oh! Now I know where to get them. I was really planning to do this on my keyboard as well but I was planning on using some decorative tapes. Haha!

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