Introducing Lady Fabrize

28 October 2009

My sister is doing okay now and will come home from the hospital later so I guess I should not feel guilty about writing this post. Ü

The day I have been waiting for since this post has come! Last Saturday I went to the office beaming, knowing I would have something special later in the day. My officemates were all cheering for me because they know I really want one and have been waiting for this day for so long,. Well, except for Sasha, who was still questioning why I prefer a netbook over a laptop (haha!), but I have already made up my mind.

When the clock struck two I was already rushing out the door but Dane said he'd be a little delayed because he needs to have the aircon in his car repaired. So I waited, fidgety and impatient. He arrived half past two and off we went to Greenhills Shopping Center. I would have preferred Cyberzone but he said we should just go to Greenhills because he is also thinking whether he'd get a PSP. Yes my friends, he mulled over buying a Sony PSP for three loooong years, and until that moment he still hasn't decided. Isn't he the cutest? :D

In the car he handed me my 13th month pay he withdrew via my ATM card that I gave him the day before. (My 13th month pay literally just grazed my hand before I gave it to the sales assistant where I bought my netbook from.) We reached V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center by 3:30PM.

Anyway, after browsing at the different shops selling computers and computer accessories, I finally decided to get my netbook from Datacore Computer Systems. The saleswoman who assisted us was very helpful and answered all my questions. I chose among the LE Pop Art, pink and white. I have already thought it over days prior and decided on getting a white one because I don't like the plastic-y finish of the pink model (even though I am a lover of all things pink). I also liked the LE Pop Art but I know I would just get tired of its design at one point (I change my phone's theme every week) and it's not too practical to have it skinned for a new design everytime because the design extends over to the keyboard. Not such a good idea if I want a leopard print skin, yes? I chose white because it goes with everything :)

Everyone, meet Lady Fabrize.

still inside the box
with free Lenovo Ideapad case

white Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

package includes power adapter, battery charger, battery pack, and manuals
with free Lenovo Ideapad case and Globe Tattoo prepaid (will have to be claimed from Lenovo's office in Makati)

with the power turned on

my fingers on the keyboard

Specs (as copied here and here) are:
  • 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor
  • 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz
  • Windows XP Home Edition (SP3)
  • 10.1" WSVGA Glossy LED-backlit display with integrated camera 1024x600
  • 160GB 5400rpm Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard drive
  • Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics
  •  Headphone Input Jacks 
  •  Mic Input Jack
  • Broadcom 11b/g Wi-Fi wireless
  • MMC/ SD card reader
  •  Twin Dolby speakers
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Industry standard multi-touch touchpad
  •  89% full-size keyboard
  • 6-Cell Li-ion 10.8v 4.06Ah 44Wh battery
  • 40W AC Adapter
  • Size: 10.2" x 7.6" x 0.7-1.8" (including battery)
  • Weight: 2lbs 11oz, 3lbs 5.4oz travel weight
Isn't she a beauty? :)

I love that she's so light and compact! I can easily slip her in my bag (protected with sleeves of course) and tow her to wherever. The glossy pearl-like finish is also very pretty and classy. I am also impressed with its Face Recognition Software and QuickStart key. I have already downloaded wallpapers to jazz her up and I can't wait to blog using my new toy :) 

size comparison with my passport and a long pink wallet

I might be able to get the free Globe Tattoo prepaid next week. I don't have high hopes on its effectivity though because of the number of negative feedback I read about it. I might get a Smartbro prepaid as well. As some of you might know this is just a backup computer for when I am in my apartment. When I am here in my parents' house during my rest days I use my personal computer, powered by Smartbro postpaid Internet. Ü

I am not the only one who went home with a new baby that day. It took Dane three years and three hours to decide he will get a Sony PSP :D We went around the mall looking for good deals for three hours when he finally chose one (sorry but I forgot the name x_x).

inside the store selling game consoles


He was supposed to get the black one but since my netbook is white I convinced him to get a white  PSP instead. Yes, I am incredibly cheesy like that :D He is opposed to the idea, but I named his PSP Fabrizio, just so Lady Fabrize won't be lonely :D


tinkering with his new toy

Fabrizio's box

It was tiring, but fun! We left the mall after grabbing a quick dinner at around 8:30PM with me a couple of ten thousands poorer but happy. Ü

Now I have to start budgeting and saving for Christmas gifts! Ö


  1. so happy for you krissy, congrats. and yes you wont feel guilty about your blog, lady fabrize looks cute and well sweet.

    have fun blogging and such.

  2. nice new toy u have here sis.. :) love the hot pink nails btw.. too bad u werent able to go to the BDJ event.. wouldve loved to meet u.. :)

  3. Glad your sis is okay!

    and great choice for a cpu...i'm so jealous!

  4. hehehe i have a netbook too! im using it right now and i love it! :] isn't awesome how you can just carry it everywhere with you!? :}

  5. @ Annie Marie: Thank you! I am excited to blog using her :D

    @ Kay: I really wanted to go, I have even planned my outfit already, but we did a surprise birthday party for a friend. It would have been fun to meet you, I hope you had a blast at the event :)

    @ Chymere: Thank you so much! :)

    @ Abby Kihano: Yes, it is awesome! And it's so light and compact, unlike a laptop that you'd need a heavy laptop bag as well just to lug it around :D

  6. nice sis :D i want a netbook na tuloy..haha :D kaya lang may laptop na ako and it's still spankin' new :P

  7. Haha sis Joyce I thought long and hard before I decided to get a netbook than a laptop :D Now I finally have Lady Fabrize, I can say I'm happy with my choice. :)

  8. I hate to sound stupid, but I can't pretend that I know what the difference is between a laptop and a netbook. Oh my god, am I dumb or what?

    Anyway, I'm using a pink sony vaio, is that a laptop or a netbook? Haha forgive me Krissy, at least I don't pretend to know something I dont.

    By the way! Your netbook looks cute! I must say it's a nice steal! :)

  9. Hi Jessica! Your Sony Vaio is a laptop. Wow you have the pink one! I want one for myself but it's too expensive and impractical for me at the moment :D Basically a laptop is a personal computer made more compact so we can use it while (yes) it is on our laps. It contains all the features and functionality of a desktop computer, the only difference is you can bring it anywhere. Now you remove some of its features and capabilities (like the optical drive), make it lighter (2-3lbs tops) and smaller (10.1 inches is the standard size) and you get a netbook. It is perfect as a secondary computer, one that you can use if you just want to blog, surf the net or chat with friends (it has an integrated webcam as well). But if you want to edit videos or play The Sims or DoTA, then it's best to stick with a desktop pc or a laptop :D Hope I helped! :)

  10. hiya krissy! great buy! i'm glad that you're happy with your choice. i actually saw one like that at the mall today and it looks really cute and it made me want one too. i'm actually still saving up to get myself a laptop but i'm still far from buying it coz the damn money always gets touched (sigh). anyway, it looks like the netbook is best if i want to be able to carry it around for work even when i'm not home but since my work would involve me watching videos on youtube and using excel, is a netbook okay? i'm weighing my options because if i can still work while using a netbook i'll get that one instead of a laptop, plus it's cheaper. what do you say?

  11. great that you're happy with it! my macbook is so heavy to carry around, so I'm actually thinking of getting a netbook too, just for on the road...


  12. Hey thanks for the detailed explanation! Now I know! Haha. Anyway, my sony vaio is kind of the old school one. Here's the link if you want to see how it looks like:

    I have the pink one! :)

  13. @ Kaye: Thank you! :) I know what you mean about touching money that is supposed to be save for something else. Tak. Hmm you can use a netbook for Excel (Lenovos come with Windows XP and its MS Office is already the 2007 edition) and Youtube but I'm just not sure if it is advisable to use them simultaneously. I think that for your line of work, it would be more advisable to get a laptop instead. :)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you! Go and get one! It's not expensive anyway. What you spend to buy it will be equal to what you save in the long run in case you break your back lugging your macbook around LOL :D

  14. @ Jessica: You're welcome! :) I tried to go to the link but it's not working.. Anyway, a Vaio is a Vaio, old school or not :D

  15. (cont) and it's even more special because you have the pink one! :D

  16. Fabrizio and Lady Fabrize! that's just so cute :)
    i'm a new follower ^^

  17. Hi Manju! Thanks for visiting! Will check out your blog too :)

  18. thanks krissy ... i'll think about what you said. my dad is giving me his laptop (since he got a new one) but i still want a netbook ... haha! gaya-gaya ba? but i have a project right now, i want to get myself a digicam first since it's something that i can afford right now. the netbook will have to wait.


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