My first attempt to be a Yogi

16 August 2013

I've been wanting to do yoga for yearsss and now, I am so happy to tell you that I got to go to my first ever yoga class today!

Thanks to my carpool-mate Sheila's recommendation, my friend/ officemate Rica and I went to Yoga+'s newest branch in Tordesillas, Makati after work and availed their P100 trial class. (This promo is valid until the end of the month only so if you want to try it, better make it quick!) Regular price is P700 per session, but you can opt to have unlimited classes for P1,000 a week or P3,000 a month.

I don't really remember what made me want to do yoga in the first place, all I know is that I want to take care of my body and just try to make myself better in any way I can. Project Self, y'all! Also, I guess the idea of relieving stress enticed me as well.

Here is an interesting infographic I found in Pinterest about the many benefits of yoga.

Rica and I didn't want to delay our class for one more week so we proceeded even though we were scared of Hot Yoga which was the session for the 6PM - 7:30PM class today. And what a baptism of fire it was! In just ten minutes I was already sweating so much! Eyeballs lang ang walang pawis-levels! It was a grueling ninety minute of bending, contracting, reaching out, and praying to high heavens I won't die LOL. No kidding, I really felt like dying! It's okay to pause and stop of course - what I like about yoga is that you can work at your own pace - and just do the child's pose while resting, which I found myself doing a lot towards the latter part of the session. It is so depressing to think that I am not fit enough, and I resolve to change that.

Our instructor, Miss Dinah, was really good. She was firm in a not-scary way, and her voice was so soothing but not the type that can make you fall asleep. I love that the things she said can be applied not only while practicing yoga but also to life in general. Kick, just keep kicking. Breathe and let positive energy in. Breathe out and release the stress. Everything becomes better when you smile. If you can do yoga, you can do anything.

I was worried that I won't be able to relax at first because I have one of the noisiest minds I know; I cannot consciously shut my brain off and stop it from thinking of anything! Good thing that didn't happen earlier, because all I focused on were my breathing, Miss Dinah's instructions, and the reactions of my body to every bend and pull/ push I made.

I love the natural flush any kind of physical activity gives the cheeks :)
I feel like I sweated out a LOT of toxins earlier. A couple of hours after the session, I still feel so refreshed and energized! LOL my endorphins spiked a lot.

I liked the amenities in Yoga+ (lockers, shower rooms, free use of bath towels and yoga mats) and I am more than willing to enroll for more classes. Of course, one of the things I didn't forget to bring are my personal hygiene kit including my current favorite feminine wash to keep myself cool and comfortable.
The new Pure ‘N Fresh feminine wash now has milk proteins to nourish and boost skin moisture and is enriched with Chamomile extract to soothe young sensitive skin. It removes odor-causing bacteria and is pH balanced to help maintain the natural pH of the external genitalia, It is also clinically-tested on teens' to make sure it is mild and safe for everyday use.
It comes in three scents designed by worldwide fragrance authority Takasago: Mandarin Kisses, Berry Twist, and Fabulously Fruity
You know me, I love citrus-y scents, so it doesn't come as a surprise that my favorite in this bunch is Mandarin Kisses! At P39.65 for 50mL and P70 for 100mL, these "babies" give real value for money!

I might go to Yoga+ again this coming Wednesday since it's a non-working holiday. You see, I want to practice as much as possible so I can start reaping yoga's benefits, in addition to being able to hold more complicated poses, sooner. Hah! My dream of being able to do Anti Gravity Yoga might not be too far away! So excited!

Tomorrow I'll have a feng shui reading. I feel so mature heh. Happy weekend, you guys! Take care!

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