Meeting Manix, Part Two

17 August 2013

Surreal. Today I got to see a dear friend I haven't seen for a long time, had my fortune read by a feng shui master, and saw my idol/ favorite local comic book artist Manix Abrera again!

I will share more stories about my feng shui reading on my next post. Right now I just want to go full fangirl-mode hee.

I was expecting to feel sore after an intense hot yoga class last night, but after an uninterrupted and dreamless sleep I woke up feeling more refreshed and energized than ever! I should do yoga more often. Anyway, I was looking forward to today because it's the planned release date of Manix Abrera's collaboration with clothing brand Solo for its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series! I figured since I've already had all my books signed by Manix, I won't go to the Meet & Greet anymore and just get a piece from the Kikomachine collection from another branch. However, when I got to TriNoma before I met with Michelle, I was disappointed to see that they don't have the complete collection there yet. The SA advised me to go to Glorietta instead but I said I don't know whether I can go or not.

I liked this pair of shorts with the main Kikomachine Komix characters but I wanted something I can wear to the office.
Meanwhile, this catch-up date with Mich was long overdue as the last time I saw her was at BU5 but I was too busy selling that day that we didn't really get to talk that much. I missed her so much so it was really nice to see her again! She went with me to Shangri-la Plaza where I had my reading, and then she persuaded me to go to Glorietta for the Meet & Greet. I am so glad she did!

When we got there, I was disappointed yet again to see they don't have the complete collection as well. I was advised that all merchandise will not be ready for another week or so. I felt like a kid chasing around for a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

I saw my idol though, so everything's good.

After dilly-dallying for a bit, I gave in and bought the smallest size of a man's shirt just so I can join the line of people who will get a free autographed Blg.9. I figured I can just wear the shirt to yoga class if it's too big, you see.

Child's play in comparison to last May's slot numbers 88 and 89 ^_^

After less than half an hour, it was my turn!

And guess what? He remembers me!!! I wanted to introduce myself as the girl who messaged him about my blog post telling about how I waited for more than six hours in Fully Booked, but he beat me to it! What an awesome fella, right? He's one of the most humble and down-to-earth persons I know!

Because all my books have been signed already, I asked him to sign my free Blg.9 for my friend Mich instead.

He also signed my shirt.

"Awesome" is such an overused word, but really, what an awesome day it was! I couldn't wipe my stupid smile off my face long after I got home.

I also saw Dian, Fashion Marketing Executive of Solo, Freeway, and Ensembles.

After a quick gelato break at Bono and a long bus ride home, Michelle and I parted ways. I hope it won't take us long before we get to have another catch-up date again.


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  1. Aww how nice! This post made me read your first meeting with him! :) Hehe! Rakenrol :p


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