My hair says annyeong!

08 August 2013

When it comes to my hair, I love experimenting. I am proud of my thick locks and how I can change its looks in many different ways. There's comfort in knowing that I can throw caution to the wind and do whatever I want with it because it's hair, it'll grow back.

For my latest hair experiment, I went a little Eastern and tried a look from the Korean City Style Collection thanks to L'Oreal Professionnel and Tony & Jackey.

The Korean City Style Collection gets inspiration from Korea’s top three culturally influential districts namely Busan, Gangnam, and Hong Dae.
  • Busan Style – gives an artsy, romantic, and Bohemian vibe look inspired by the cultural and artistic city of Busan
  • Gangnam Style – a glamorous and chic look that can easily blend into the trendy parts of the city that is inspired by the richest district in Seoul;
  • Hong Dae Style – a youthful and cute pop perm look inspired by the trendy and funky vibe of Hong Dae
Here are some photos from my Hong Dae Korean Style makeover yesterday after work at the Tony & Jackey branch in Buendia, Makati.

I forgot to take a decent BEFORE photo so I guess this will do ^_^
Senior stylist Rey working on my hair

I wish my hair was longer so that they could have been able to give me curls. They explained to me that for my hair texture and hairstyle, maximum volume is best. Sir Rey also gave me a haircut. I'm glad I left it all up to the experts as I loved the final look!

With Mikki
Thank you for having me!

I love all the products used on me! Makes me want to go makeup shopping ^_^
Not pictured: yummy cupcakes from Baker Street

Additional hair goodies from L'Oreal Professionnel: Crystal Gloss and Wave Contour HydraCell Crystal Gloss
Delicate finishing spray that provides the hair with long-lasting shine. Contains High Shine Resolution Complex. Anti-humidity, anti-frizz protection. Non-greasy, non-sticky. 
Wave Contour HydraCell
A combination of restructuring ceramide, rehydrating glycerin and nourishing grape seed oil. For soft, bouncy, well-shaped and long-lasting curls.
I was so excited to go to work today because of my new hairstyle and my new hair clip from Anagon Collection. Perfect for our launch event!

Hong Dae Style costs P2,800 and you can have it done at any Tony & Jackey branch nationwide. The perm lasts for two to three months, depending on the hair's texture. I love my soft curls so much that I think I will have the same treatment done again after the effect wears off!

To know more about L’Oreal Professionnel Korean City Style and its #LOrealKoreanStyle campaign, visit these links:

What about you, which of the three styles do you prefer the most: Busan, Gangnam, or Hong Dae?

Disclosure: The treatment was provided to me by L'Oreal Professionnel Philippines and Tony & Jackey for free but all opinions stated here are my own.


  1. Does annyeong mean hello???

  2. Yep! It's an informal greeting that can either mean hello or goodbye. In this case I am using it as hello :D

  3. the girl in stilettoSeptember 3, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    mannnnnn I wish they have a Korean hair salon here!


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