The Return of the Swimming Costume

15 August 2013

For years bikinis have been the ultimate in beach and poolside cool, with many different designs and styles tied across the bodies of the super svelte. The swimming costume by comparison has always been made to feel like the unattractive aunt of the bikini, the fall back for those women who can’t bring themselves to flash the flesh in public. This has all changed now however, and one-pieces have had a much needed overhaul, and there is now just as much choice for those who don’t want to bare their bellies as those that do. There are some fantastic swimsuits in the great value range of swimwear from George at Asda. Find a style that you like and discover the new world of fashionable swimming costumes.

Many women do not feel comfortable in a bikini in public, not because they aren’t all absolutely fabulous, but because of confidence issues and body hang-ups. This is perfectly okay, the last thing you want is to be thinking about how you look instead of chilling out or having fun in the pool or on the beach. Choosing to wear a swimming costume instead of a bikini is now a choice many women make, even if they have the body of an athlete like Jessica Ennis, as a style preference rather than because of wobble worries.

Strapless swimsuits are great for those who are serious about sunbathing; avoid unsightly strap marks without having to partially undress on the sun lounger. Halter neck costumes with fine strings are good for this too as the tie part can be easily tucked down until you feel like getting up for a stroll or a dip. These are fantastic alternatives for those who always liked the elegant upper half of a bikini but want a little extra coverage.

Cut outs and asymmetric swimsuits are very stylish and are the high fashion offerings of the swimwear world. Cut out details can help you to emphasise parts of your body you like and narrow parts that you are less fond of. You wouldn’t want to go tanning in one of these, as they will give you some interesting stripes and splodges where there is no material, but for the fashion conscious these are the suits to strut in.

The big thing in swimwear prints this year is the photo one-piece. A blown up photo printed onto a swimming costume looks fantastic and you can find some really great designs everywhere this year. Choose your favourite and wear it with a big attitude to match the big print.

Try mixing trends and wear a one-piece with some tassel detailing, or an all over Aztec or retro polka dot print for extra cool points in the sun. A swimming costume is not only a fabulous look this season, it can also nip your waist in, making you appear leaner, even after the 3rd ice cream of the day. Don’t be afraid to try swimming costumes on, but don’t focus on the bits of yourself you don’t like, instead find a suit that you love, and fall in love with yourself in it too.


  1. These are just perfect for me! I am so glad these are back hehe to hide the tummy!


  2. craaaazy choices on that link! daming maganda!


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