My tarot reading session with Master Hanz Cua

19 August 2013

I've always been intrigued by esoteric/ occult practices and although I don't see myself reading tea leaves or interpreting dreams anytime soon, I've often wondered about the many different divination techniques there are. I have wanted to have a reading for so long now but I guess was too scared to see something I wouldn't want to see.

But then, what harm could come from dipping my toe a little bit in it, right? I mean, I've always trusted my gut instinct, but if anything I think it would be great to have a little more insight.

Last Saturday, I went to Shangri-La Plaza for a reading with Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua.

After introducing himself and his achievement and credentials to me for a bit, he asked me to get I-forgot-how-many tarot cards from his deck.

Our 30-minute session covered my life, career, relationships, and family. He also gave me a chance to ask three questions after, and then at the end, interpreted to me the last three cards remaining from the pile I picked. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after he confirmed with me things from my childhood that he wouldn't have had any way of knowing, I was blown away.

In here I am going to share with you some of the things he told me the best way I can (I tried to record our conversation but the recording came out really garbled. Too bad.), while some I plan to keep to myself (like the letters from the name of the guy he told me I will end up with. Sorryyy.) Please note that these are bits and pieces from Master Hanz's reading to me; I type the words as I remember them.

Master Hanz said I am very smart and I should stop feeling shy, and that I am better off working and living abroad as my fortune lies outside the Philippines. Master Hanz asked me about an opportunity I let go, and I told him I had a chance to go abroad before but I didn't take it because I was too scared to leave my boyfriend leave my family and friends live alone in a foreign country. He said another opportunity will come and when it does, I should go grab it.

I should also be careful about possibly having some of my stuff stolen.

In addition, he asked me to pray more as he was able to sense that my spiritual faith was not as strong as it used to be.

My last relationship ended because the guy had someone else. One of my ex-boyfriends was my soulmate but we will not get back together anymore because our "energy line" has ended. I haven't met my Ted Mosby (that's code for "The One") yet but I will. I hope he's carrying a yellow umbrella so, you know, he'd be easier to spot heh. I should also be careful about a possible pregnancy. My eyes almost popped out their sockets with this one.

Something good has happened recently career-wise (and he was right: I got a raise, yay!) and he said I am really happy with my current job. However, I should be careful about involving myself in some issues in the workplace and if it doesn't concern me directly I should just not meddle. He said he can see me being famous for doing what I love, and I wonder what that is because I like doing a lot of things. Will I be famous for writing? For watching movies? For watching the sun set? For lurking on Twitter? What?

Apparently, the cards were very persistent in pointing out that there are better opportunities for me outside the country.

Sorry, but I am keeping them to myself. 。◕‿◕。 

The last three cards just reiterated what Master Hanz had been saying all that time: the one telling me to go to another country to work, the one telling me about the man destined to be my lover (I don't feel comfortable typing that, as if it's a concept very foreign to me. Oh god how long has it been since I last fell in love? It seems like I already forgot how it feels like.), and the Death card, which according to Master Hanz signifies a new beginning. I like that.

After the reading, I bought a crystal bracelet from their store. I like crystals not only for their colors or connections with the occult, but also for their metaphysical and healing properties.

It has Rose Quartz, the crystal for love, and Amethyst, which can help relieve stress and make sleeping easier. Master Hanz cleansed it for me before I wore it and I haven't removed it since.

I am thankful for my session with Master Hanz Cua because not only did he give me some of the answers I was looking for, I was able to prove that some of the things he told me, I already knew all along but I was just searching for some kind of validation. But then, as what anyone will tell you, divination should only serve as a guide and not the definitive answer with which to build your life around.

Master Hanz Cua's booth is located in Level 1 - Hallway of Shangri-La Plaza, in front of Zara. His services include Feng Shui, Bazi Chinese Destiny Reading, Tarot Reading, and Face Reading. You may visit his website or Facebook page for more details and to book an appointment. Thanks to Rica for the recommendation.


  1. Woah. Just recently experienced a tarot card reading too. And I don't believe in the supernatural but all his readings on the current stuff happening in my life is just crazy accurate. Including the letters thing. Tje name of the guy is eddie but I don't know his surname

  2. Thanks, Patricia :) Most of the stuff that have already happened (that I didn't tell him about) are chillingly accurate. He also gave me advice on my career, and I feel that's going to come true not too long from now. :)

  3. Is he always available in his store? Or do i need to have an appoinment first before going there? Thanks! And one more, can u tell me how much was the session? Please.. :) thank you!

  4. Hi Koko! I think you have to have an appointment first to make sure he's there. His contact number is in his Facebook page. :) I was given the reading for free but I believe it costs P1,500. :)

  5. Thanks! :) Happy new year! :)

  6. There is a filipino based angel and tarot card reader here in the Philippines, and she's also accessible for skype readings at, I believe she gives a special rate with readings for filipinos.

  7. The most popular version of the Tarot was jerez de la frontera in 1910 by the artist Pamela Colman-Smith. She worked under the guidance of occultist A.E. Waite. The Waite deck was the first tarot deck to include symbolic imagery on all 78 cards.

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