This is serenity

24 February 2013

I just came back from a very relaxing weekend in Tali Beach, Batangas and I just have this to say: "serenity" is one of my favorite words but I never really knew or experienced the real meaning of it until now.

While sorting out the photos, I was amused by the fact that unwittingly, I was able to follow the beach rules in my previous post.

Wake up smiling
At stunning views like this, who wouldn't?
Flip flops are mandatory
And I didn't mind
Nap often
Feel the breeze
Wear sunscreen
We had sufficient bottles of sunscreen, but board games like DixIt and Cranium were also very effective in making us protected from the evil rays of the sun ;)
Take long walks
Soak up the sun
See the sun's rays? :)
Make a splash
Hang up your towel
Leave the sand at the beach
A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes
Relax and unwind
Look for seashells
Watch the sunrise
I was not able to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise, so will watching the sunset do? I prefer sunsets anyway :)
Ride the waves
Kick back and relax
Diets were suspended, and MANY different kinds of food were enjoyed. I didn't think it was possible to be that full.
Build sandcastles
... in the air?
 And the last and most important beach rule I adhered to: be grateful for this day.

I really had a great time. It has been said that Public Relations is one of the most stressful industries, so it was nice to unwind, relax, laugh, and forget about diets and other what-nots with my ARC family. I love you guys and I am grateful. ♥


  1. At may special appearance talaga ang Cookie Butter! :) I love the food shots. Seafoods galore!

  2. Uwo, your workmate's R2D2 swimsuit, it's so cute, I love it! 

    And aw, your weekend seems so relaxing! It's great for you that the rain stopped. I'm going to the beach too next weekend and I can't wait to follow some (if not all) of the beach rules! :)

  3. The place looks so relaxing. Ahhhh. Can't wait for school to end. :) 

  4. wow i wish i can unwind like this too! :) 


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