The Saturday Club

03 February 2013

My first Saturday of the month was spent with my dearest and closest friends from high school. After a failed attempt by the girls and myself to get a full body massage (all slots in the two spas we went to were taken) and hunt a copy of this month's MEGA magazine (Betty and Veronica on the cover, whut up), we headed to the nearest supermarket to buy ingredients for a spontaneous night-in at our favorite Saturday hangout place: Dianne's house.

Ladies and gents, the Saturday Club
We are all from one big barkada but Dianne's parents nicknamed us as such since we are always the ones who manage to get together every Saturday, given the fact we all live very near one another.
Teppanyaki, DIY-style
Hotdog, cheesedog, beef teriyaki, bean sprouts, cabbages, and bacon cooked in butter and I-don't-know-what sauce (I've never been well-versed in kitchenspeak, you see.)
There's something to be said about cooking your food and eating it too (or I think such idiom doesn't exist and I came up with that on my own, IDK). Everything tasted great and we loved it. I'm sure that griddle will be a regular fixture in our Saturday night hangouts moving forward.

So this is what it feels like to be adults. You know, get together and stay at someone's house to talk about our younger selves over food and some beers while catching up on more mature stuff like jobs and relationships until 3 AM. Sometimes we do more fun stuff like videoke (which we did, last Saturday, while Teppanyaki-ing). And it's nice. But then again, we have never been the go-out-and-party-all-night types.

During lulls in conversations, I look at them and think about how many experiences we have shared together growing up. Too many actually, that sometimes I need to ask them to jog my memory about this and that. Sometimes I feel like we're still in high school, but then I stop and remind myself that we're all part of the ~real world~ now (and have been for quite some time now, actually). Even with all the changes going on though, it's nice and comforting that some things never change: I am still "the girl who eats the slowest" in the bunch. At the end of the day we are all just individuals trying to make our mark in the world on our own little ways, and I guess that's the mark I will leave them with ha ha.


  1. I love teppanyakis! Where did you get the grill? I'd love to have one of those.. :)

  2. Hi Jhe-Anne! It belongs to my friend's family hehe. She said it's readily available at appliance centers! :)


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