19 February 2013

I feel stuck in a rut. A beauty rut, that is. I feel like I'm already tired of my pixie cut and I think I want to grow it back but then again I know that short hair suits me better.

What's the easiest way to change up your look without something as drastic as a haircut? Simple. A brow makeover!

As I wrote before, more than the practical uses of our eyebrows, they are also important for aesthetic purposes because they bring attention to the eyes and frame the face, and a bit of tweaking here and there can change your look from simple girl-next-door to sophisticated and dramatic. I used to groom my brows myself but I've started neglecting it lately so the shape has gone a wee bit wayward, so times like this I know I have to go to the experts  Browhaus. I went there with my officemates yesterday to use my gift cards for Classic Eyebrow Threading and Upper Lip Threading.

Please pardon the following vanity shots. I rarely take selfies these days but I made an exception for this case since these pics can demonstrate my point better (^_^)

Taken on my way to work yesterday morning
I don't know if you noticed the difference, but because it is my face it is very obvious to me ha ha.

Also, are there tear ducts connected to our upper lips? Can I just say that upper lip threading hurts ten times more than a Brazilian Wax? I didn't flinch a bit when my therapist was doing my brows, but when she started on my upper lips? Oh wow, I couldn't stop the tears from falling!

I have thick eyebrows and long eye lashes but they remain hidden behind my glasses. Because I am digging this new relationship with my brows (a browmance, if you will), I decided to try to prettify them even more.

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel
 Today I applied eyebrow makeup on myself for the very first time. I am moving up in life.

Here's a photo with my friend Abby, owner of Swan Lake Accessories, during lunch earlier
Aaaand another
My eyebags were trying to make a supporting appearance
So friends, if time comes when you feel you want to change something about yourself, why not start with the eyebrows? You will be amazed. ;)


  1. Instapretty makes me think of girls who wake up in the morning already looking you and Nashe and Kym....just naturals.  :)

  2. Rick oh Rick, you ALWAYS know the perfect thing to say haha! :D Thank you! :)

  3. that's an "immediately after" photo? bakit hindi namumulaaaa? hahaha. mine's completely red and a little puff right after every brow session. :P i should try out that brow gel, looks good, krissy! :)

  4. Because Browhaus is the best! :D I swear, it doesn't hurt a bit! Upper lip threading is a completely different story though :p


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