Strawberries 'n Cream

28 February 2013

Ah. Sweet, brief, serene yet packed February. Tasting happiness and rainbows in a jar, meeting up for bacon and conversation with an online-turned-IRL friend, a laughter-filled Valentine lunch with a great friend, spending my 6th month in my current job, and two out of town trips in the second month of 2013? Not bad, not bad at all. Good job, universe.

Here are some snaps from this month, and while I was uploading them in Picasa I couldn't help but notice a theme. See if you can spot it, but then again judging from the title of this post, I guess it's already a little too obvious ;)

Lovely sketches from the brand book of a new brand we will work with. I am so excited for this partnership!
Understandably so, as this brand carries these pieces. SO my style!
This would have been THE perfect prom dress, not the hideous pink gown I was forced to wear -_-
My Lulu Guinness shades 
MAC Pink Nouveau on my lips, Swan Lake Accessories on my neck
Roses are red, violets are blue. Pretty Lipsticks.
Sophie Paris Iced Cranberry, MAC Pink Nouveau, Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze
Two favorites in one photo: MAC Girl About Town and necklace from SM Accessories 
Now reading: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
I loved the movie and the OST; here's hoping I like the book, too.
I liked Dash & Lily's Book of Dares so...
I've always thought brown and pink complement each other very nicely.
Here, my pink ice cream socks + brown Kyla Kickers = big dose of extra sweetness
Pink and brown also reminds me of chocolates, most specifically this Strawberry-flavored Meiji Apollo. My favorite 
It made me think as well of the delicious waffles and hot chocolate from Escolta at The Peninsula. Oh why can't I quit you, life of gluttony?
And of course, this chocolate perfection from 1017 Cupcakes care of Barbie
I named this photo "Love in 8-bit"
Goodbye, February. Now I am looking forward to March. Have a great month, you!


  1. Swerte ng kids ngayon. Hindi na sila forced magsuot ng pink or blue gown sa prom. I saw some na printed yung gown nila, ang pretty ng mga dresses.

  2. Hello, I love those sketches. :-)
    Followed you dear, hope you can check back and maybe follow back?

  3. Cute cute photos! I wish my Feb were as artistic as yours.: ) Cheers to an awesome March.

    Wella <3

  4. I love, love the sketches and those stylish pieces. I want to know the brand!!! :D


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