Dressing spontaneously

09 February 2013

I just came back from a spontaneous out-of-town trip to Babatnin, Bulacan with my close friends/ old officemates from my previous job and I am exhausted beyond belief but I really wanted to publish this post tonight, so here goes.

Last night I told you how I decided to go just yesterday orning, so I didn't know they were already planning to sleep over at Marsha's house so they could leave at 5 AM. It proved to be a problem for me because I didn't have any clothes with me, and it would be too tiring to go home after work just to get clothes. Thankfully it coincided with the Robinsons Department Store X Cosmopolitan Beauty Fair event (will tell you about it onp a future post!) so I figured I would just grab some clothes there after the event. We were given gift certificates to spend, and I was able to get a complete outfit out of it! I wanted something casual, not too fancy or frilly, and here's what I came up with:

Here are the individual items I got from Robinsons Department Store and their respective prices:

Pretty in Pink shirt - P399.75 | Crissa gray jeans - P649.75 (on sale from P850)
Undies from Bench Body
Pack of 2 bras - P499.75 | Pack of 5 panties - P249.75
Love the colors and prints!
Banana Peel flip flops - P170
I bought this not only because I didn't have slippers with me, but also because of the lace ribbons.
That should've stopped there. I was already on my way to the escalator to go down for Kira when I saw this really pretty knit top, and I knew I HAD to have it.

Angelfish "sweater" - P349.75
This would be perfect for our beach trip the weekend after next
I ~jazzed~ the look up by making it work with the pieces I already have like my SM Accessories necklace and the following:

Lips with Maybelline Jewels Amethyst Ablaze lipstick that Kira bought me :)
My "shining bright like diamonds in the sky" nails with the L'Oreal nail stickers I got from the Beauty Fair.
Pacific Blue wristwatch and blue Ana Rocha charm bracelet from Ayala Malls
Blue Moon Sundays on my toenails. Mani and pedi cost P25 only here!
I looove how the shirt's print even says The Secret Garden
And that's it! Thanks, Robinsons Department Store for making my life so much easier! On my next post I can probably give you a quick tour around the charming town of Babatnin. See ya then!


  1. Aren't you just adorable? I love the flip flops and your hairrrrr!

  2. I like your outfit Krissy, especially the shirt! It's the right length and the prints are pretty. :)

  3. Lace ribbons and stripes ♥ Heehee thank you! I find you super adorable, too!


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