The week went by in a blur.

08 February 2013

I've been consumed by work and other projects that I haven't really been able to update my blog. The week passed by in a blur that I told my officemate Rica earlier that it just felt like one big chunk and I couldn't even distinguish the days anymore. Nevertheless it has been an eventful - albeit exhausting - week and now I'm glad that I'm free to kick off my shoes and relax a bit.

Here are some bits and pieces from the week that was.

My childhood flashed before my eyes
MEGA February 2013 issue featuring Betty and Veronica with gowns designed by Veejay Floresca and Cary Santiago
General meeting at Bowler Restaurant with our Creative Director Celine
I don't really know why I'm grinning here, but the photo's from Kira
Weekend Wednesday at Imperial Ice Bar
I had a glass of Cranberry-Vodka (delicious!) and half a shot of Bacardi for the birthday boy Gerick
Lunch with Erica, Kira, and Far
One of our Outsmark bosses Vinnie with the shirt we gave him
It features Hello Kitty with googly eyes! :D
Went to the Pretty in Pink Beauty Fair at Robinsons Magnolia today
My nails shine bright like diamonds in the sky
Choco-Walnut Torte from Conti's
All from the Beauty Fair
Thanks Robinsons and Cosmopolitan!
Kira also gave me a lipstick 
Kira said I look stoned here ha ha.
Shopping is our drug.
I don't even know. Too much sugar, maybe?
And now I should rest. I'm typing this from my friend Marsha's house and we need to wake up really early for a spontaneous out-of-town trip tomorrow. Well, spontaneous for me because I only decided to go just this morning. I thought I wouldn't be able to go at first but I really made sure I could because I haven't seen my old friends from HSBC for almost six months now. I didn't have any clothes with me so I'm really thankful to Robinsons for letting me do an emergency shopping spree! Tomorrow I will share with you what I got ;)

Aaand that's it. Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!


  1. Hah! You got lipstick out of meeee! Buy me BONO gelato to compensate! :D

  2. hahahahahaha I SO love the last pic! xD hahahah..

  3. saw this mega cover of betty and veronica in my friend's instagram, too! i want to have a copy!! HAHAHA :P cute nails, btw! <3

    xx Dress Me Up Buttercup


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