Bacon, conversations, and cupcakes

15 February 2013

The first time I saw Barbie in person was during the lighting of the giant Christmas tree in Araneta back in November 2011. We met online when she left a comment in one of my posts; I visited her blog, then we clicked and became friends instantly. 

After over a year, our long overdue second meeting finally happened today!

Poco Deli is the newest restaurant in Ayala Triangle Gardens that now occupies the space CBD left. They serve pizza, pasta, sandwiches, dessert, and there'll even be wine tasting every Wednesday beginning on February 20. It was only my second time to eat there but I really liked the food, plus the servings are HUGE!

We ordered Bacon Slabs.
Won't you just look at that. It's not actually meant for sharing but Barbie and I split it because we didn't want food to go to waste if we don't finish it.
Citrus Delight for me, Estrella Galicia for her
She also wanted pizza but the waiter and I warned her about the serving size so she cancelled the order. Good thing she did because we were barely able to finish our Bacon Slabs! So sinful yet it's so good!

My Citrus Delight was delightful, indeed.

While eating, we were also able to talk about a lot of different things like our careers and individual future plans. I think it's always nice to share these with a friend to gain more insight from a different perspective, at the same time help you visualize it even more. Barbie said their family is planning to open a restaurant/ cafe, so I am crossing my fingers for them and hoping it will come true!

The first time I saw Barbie in person, she brought me cupcakes that unfortunately I wasn't able to eat because someone stole them while we were too busy watching Spongecola during the tree lighting event. I've been wanting to try her goodies for so long because she keeps on posting really yummy-looking stuff on her Instagram ^_^

Today I got to try them, and oh boy when I opened the boxes she gave me I felt like the most spoiled friend in the world!

I hope their family's plan to open a cafe materializes soon because Barbie definitely deserves to be famous for her baked goodies! The lady's gifted! But while they are still on the planning stage, you can also get your hands on her cakes and other delicious baked creations by visiting 1017 Cupcakes' Facebook page.

Thanks for these, Barbie! I really enjoyed talking to you and my mother LOVES everything you gave me, she's asking when I can see you again so she can come too, ha ha!


  1. Aww, thanks for posting this! I'm glad you liked them! ♥

    Let's meet again soon! Prolly at that rubber-stamp event? :D

  2. Aww, thanks for posting this! I'm glad you liked them! ♥

    Let's meet again soon! Prolly at that rubber-stamp event? :D 


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