Of islands and sunsets

10 February 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone! I'm currently at my dad's childhood home in Malabon for a family gathering for February celebrators in the Cruz side of the family, and I'm taking a short break from stuffing my face with food by giving y'all a quick tour around Babatnin where my friends and I went to yesterday.

Babatnin is a picturesque and charming small town located in an island off Malolos, Bulacan. We were invited by my dear friend/ old officemate Ruther whose family lives there. To get there, we rode a van from SM North to Malolos, a tricycle to Atlag, and finally, a 20-minute boat ride across a river and many fishponds.

There's just something so serene and comforting in watching the sun rise, and that feeling is magnified greatly when you do it surrounded with nature.
As Daria said, "There's nothing like watching the sun rise, except watching the sun set in reverse." When we got to Ruther's house, a feast was waiting for us.

We ate fresh seafoods, veggies, and pancit palabok the whole day while looking out at this scenery:

Endless expanse of greens and clouds.
Marsha, Asther, Michelle and the girl who doesn't know how to look at the camera - me.
After eating, Ruther showed us around.

With our host Ruther
I realized just now that I lived with all the people in this photo when I was still working in HSBC. Ruther and Asther were my housemates, then I lived with Marsha in her house for a while, and also became Mich's family's neighbor when I lived alone.

Robin and Mich

We were there for less than 12 hours, but it actually felt longer. In between eating, talking, laughing a lot, and walking around the island, we took a lot of naps, so it felt like we were there for days and not just a few hours. It was like going through a portal to another dimension where time crawled slower. I'm not complaining though, as it was great to bond with them again after not seeing them for almost six months!

We left at around 6 PM.

Just as I found comfort and serenity in watching the sun rise, there's also a certain peace to be had in watching the sun say goodbye to the day and retire for the night. Sunsets are one of my favorite magical things in the world ♥
I got home really tired but I didn't care. I could always sleep my exhaustion away, but special weekends like this are rare. Thank God for laughter shared between great friends and sunsets.


  1. Those photos make me feel hungry >_< Now I'm craving palabok! haha :))

    I suddenly remember one of my students who said "Ang tulog nababawi, ang grades hindi." I think that applies to spending time with friends as well. I think I'm the same. I'd give up some sleep in order to spend time with loved ones. :)

  2. Krissy, I appreaciate your effort, really, The fact that you even had to go shopping for a set of clothings good for a day. Naappreciate ko din sobra yung pagsabay mo samin magpuyat and of course, your effort in visiting our place again. Sana maulit at maulit pa! Thanks for the RL tiny perfume samplers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love lots!

  3. Palabok <3! One of my favorite dishes ever. Saya naman ng outing mo with your friends. Parang ang iksi lang kung less than 12 hrs kayo... sana overnight nalang.

  4. No, thank YOU! Thanks for inviting us Ruther! I missed you all and it was great to see you again :)


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