Mon cherry amour

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! This is what I wore to the office today, and no, wearing black does not mean I am trying to make a stand against this special non-holiday or anything. I just happen to really like this dress because it looks like something Helena Bonham Carter would wear, and I love Helena Bonham Carter. I actually like Valentine's Day. Whether I'm part of a couple or not is immaterial, I think it's nice that we are all given free rein to be as cheesy and mushy as much as we can and have this Hallmark holiday to blame for it ;p

How did your day go? Mine was like any other day spent in the office: fun and eventful. Except today, I got a hot pink long-stemmed rose.

It's from my friend/ officemate Anne. She's the best.
My boss asked for my help to make this for his girlfriend:

Sooo cute, right??
I miss doing things like this. I used to make my ex cheesy crafty things like this. :)

I also had lunch with my sunshine and serenade-in-a-box, Ed. It was great to see him again after three weeks! As he laughingly joked on the phone the other day, we two are members of the "Sawi Society" LOL.

I was actually planning to write about something I'm really passionate about, but it doesn't really match the tone of the photos included in this post so I'll just write it separately. For the meantime, you have these gratuitous photos to enjoy ha ha.

I hope you had a great, LOVE-filled day! Kisses!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Krissy. You so kyoot! I have an almost similar dress. :) Yay to the pink rose. :)  My husband and I don't celebrate hearts day but he got me a box with laminated photo of a pug in military costume and I bought him a komodo dragon made of bronze (yeah, we're weird). :p

  2. Thanks Krizzle, will check out your blog too :)


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