A very Krissyfied outfit

01 February 2013

Feathers, pearls, heart prints, and an explosion of different shades of pink. If KRISSYFIED.COM is made into an outfit, THIS would be it. This is what I wore to the event we had for SM Babies last Monday held at the Manila Peninsula Conservatory. 

Fascinator - Lucban Hats | Dress - sewn, bought from Paseo Center | Purse - 168
Necklace - SM Accessories | Turquoise ring - Anagon Collection | Shoes - Ferretti

I really, really like the dress I am wearing here. The even greater thing about it? It is one-of-a-kind! The booth that sells it in Paseo Center sells dresses they themselves have sewn, and they make only one piece of each kind. The greatest thing about it? I got it for only P400! 

Hello, how are you? Any grand plans for February?


  1. looove itt.. turquoise and pink~! nice combo! and I'm especially digging your necklace, and your heels, and your dress and... o.o did I just listed everything you wore? hahaha... I really really love your heels, though <3

  2. This bright colorful outfit post (yes very krissyfied.com!) is just so apt to kickoff the love month! A lot of love to come, i guess? haha! :)

  3. Heehee thank you Tiara, I'm glad you liked it! And turquoise and pink is my favorite color combination, too! ❤

  4. Heehee thank you! Haaay sana nga! :D

  5. Aww, grabe I can't help noticing how perfect the dress fits you! :D


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