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For the love of the Speculoos Cookie Butter

To be honest, I had no idea what you are exactly or even how you look like, but hearing Kira and Marco waxing lyrical about you and your magical power to bring joy (Kira Instagrammed this Cookie Butter-flavored gelato from Bono; I believe Marco's exact words were "it tastes like rainbow and happiness) was enough to make me curious. Learning that you are really elusive made me want to try you even more.

When Rica told us over the weekend that she was lucky enough to get one jar and promised to bring it on Monday, I was thrilled because I would finally(!!!) get the chance to taste you. But because I know expectations almost always lead  to disappointment, I maintained my composure and went "meh, let's see if it's worth the hype."

Yesterday, I was finally able to hold the hard-to-find and almost-always-sold out-everywhere jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter in my hands.

A little spoonful, and there are no words  mind : blown. The label and a quick Google search say that you are made with crushed biscuits; I know I can crush biscuits all I want, but I can never come up with a spread as good-tasting as you. You're like peanut butter, only much better and neither too salty and oily nor sickeningly sweet. You are perfect just the way you are.

But then the proximity of our office to 7-11 is too good to ignore. A hasty run and we got these:

You can go well with anything, but I love you best with Sky Flakes 

And because the food gods love us, Gerick brought his extra jar to the office the same day. He got it for Christmas but never got around to opening it.

Don't you two just look pretty together?

Indeed, you taste like rainbows and happiness. We can also never underestimate the effect you have on us, Speculoos Cookie Butter. We've all been extra happy (and hyper!) in the office (I'm looking at you, Anne and Kira) since you came, and I think we only have you to blame. Not that it's bad. It's actually quite funny when I think about it.

Speculoos Cookie Butter, I know that you will soon run out. I would want to order a jar or two but I was told it would take you more than two months to come. I don't mind. Until then, we have Jenny's promise to treat us to Bono to tide us over. When the day comes, I think most of us will choose you. I know I will. Please be available when we come visit?


Grace said…
Waaaaah, looks yummy! I wanna try this too :)
Rose said…
Two months for an order of one jar?!? Waaahhh. I want to have one. Been hearing and reading a lot of rave reviews about this.
Christeen Cereno said…
I haven't tried it,  but i want one :)

PS: thanks last December for the dress advise in going to Republic - I enjoyed my DIY dress and the party. I wish I could show you my dress but I don't have outfit post, I only got time to post my clients dress though haha.TC!!!
kira said…
Hahaha you're too cute, Krissy! Glad you love it too!
krissy said…
Yes kasi they order pa from the States. Oh man I wish I have a relative there that I can easily badger into sending lots over :D
krissy said…
Oh I'm so glad you had a great time! I'm sure you looked great :) Take care, too! :)
krissy said…
Thanks for introducing it to me! :D

PS: Jenny said she'll treat us to Bono today to celebrate my half-anniversary, wheeeee! :D
J dela Cruz said…
The crunchy version is x72868907 better, Krissy! At least I think it is. Lol. Same feelings with peanut butter, it's almost always better in the crunchy variant. Hehe.
krissy said…
Ohmygod now I WANT to try that huhuhu why is it not available here? Life's not fair T___T
J dela Cruz said…
'Cos Trader Joe's that's why. Lol. It's not even really available in Canada, we've to cross the border for it. That's why my mom hoarded jars to stop my incessant whining. Haha. My life is complete again. Loljk. Well, at least you guys get fresh mangoes! And beaches! I'd add more to that list, but then it will just make me miss the Philippines more. :$
I'm so sad I didn't get to this in time... :(
Anonymous said…
The crunchy version is now available in Rustans! :)
Ivy Landicho said…
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cookiebutter_ph said…
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zoecir said…
hi...i am looking for BULK buyers/resellers for the speculoos cookie butter. i am from california and i have a business too (totally unrelated to this though). i have a balikbayan box going to the philippinges every month that is half empty so i am looking for bulk buyers/resellers to fill up the empty slots. please send me a message at vj_donita03@yahoo.com if you are interested. thank you! looking forward to hearing from you.
antonio valetoria said…
I work at trader joe's, I just bought 4 cases 48 jars of cookie butter, it out of stock as of yestetday...

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