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01 March 2013

The day I've been waiting for since April 2011 is almost here. I couldn't be more glad that it's now March because The Script will be back in Manila for a concert on the 31st! What a way to usher in April, my birthmonth!

I had an amazing time at their first concert here almost two years ago that I swore I will watch them again when they go back, so when I got insider info way back in September last year that they will, indeed, be back, my heart skipped two beats! It's almost here you guys, and I am so excited my heart sings ha ha.

And because I tend to have an irrational obsession be wildly passionate about things I like, I designed a little something that I am going to have printed on a shirt.

It contains the band's logo and their entire discography!!!
It's available in The Inksquad, and if you are going to go to the concert too or you just like the band as much and you think it's cute and not dorky at all, then you can order from them here (available in different sizes for both Men and Women). I don't mind going somewhere and seeing other people wearing the same shirt as I am when that "somewhere" is the Araneta Coliseum where we will sing The Script's songs back to Danny, Glen, and Mark. Besides, I doubt we'll even look the same as I am totally planning to wear a ball gown underneath the shirt LOL. Kidding. Or am I?

Big thanks to my friend Jonas for buying me a ticket! I'll be going with him and Dao and yes I know that being a third wheel at the concert of one of my favorite bands might suck a bit, but I am just going to have to wing it. Also, they're very nice people and I don't think they're going to make me feel bad for being single heehee.

Photo from Jonas
On second thought, screw worrying about feeling left out - we have Patron tickets! I am going to see Danny's perfect face a lot closer than the previous show so I really can't complain. ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

See you soon, beautiful Irish boys. I can't wait.


  1. >_< THE SCRIPT! I've always wanted to see them live! I mean, the lyrics are just too-die-for (it's like I'm talking about food) like... seriously emotional which I can get SO easily attached to, but also simple, which makes it even closer to my heart. I remember talking about making one of their songs to be my wedding song, "I'm yours" one. I just loooooooooove his voice, and of course the music arrangement, and again, the lyric..

    plus, their goodlooking faces ;) aahhh I so want to go to their concert too~! *cries over my empty, dusty pocket* hahah

  2. TIARA! I really wish you can also go see them, they're so much more amazing when you see and hear them perform live!


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