Stripped: Brazilian virgin no more!

27 September 2012

I do realize that my blog has become a no holds barred territory where I have over-shared some things I might regret talking about later on. I have told you about my personal triumphs, heartbreaks, random musings, and a whole lot of other things you don't really need to know (I mean, do you need to know that I love buying myself lingerie?) --- all to satisfy my need to express myself and my wanting to hone my writing skills. 

And now, I have another confession that-probably-will-not-help-your-life-in-any-way-but-I-just-wanted-to-share-because-I-feel-it-is-a-personal-milestone-for-me to make: I have never had my hair down there waxed before. Ever. Until today, that is. Oh yes baby, today I spent my morning getting stripped, and I want to tell you all about it ;)

WHERE: Strip in Serendra
WHAT: Brazilian session
WHY: To test Strip's new wax flavor, the New York Vanilla Cupcake wax!
Doesn't that sound absolutely delectable?
Solid block of the New York Vanilla Cupcake wax
This is what they melt and use as hot wax.
Before our individual sessions, Monique of Strip told us (bloggers and press people) about their services. Strip actually originated in Singapore and now has a lot of branches in different countries, including the UK! Did you know that they have pruned more than 2,000,000 'bushes' since then? Uh huh.
Chips and dip | Grapes and different kinds of cheese | Pitchers of orange and cranberry juice
Sweet Patticakes even made special New York Vanilla cupcakes just for the occasion!
Vanilla vodka, anyone?
That's Monique acting as bartender heehee.
Strip prides itself on three things: Hygiene, Speed, and Quality.

Stripellas don't double-dip the spatulas used to apply the wax on you.
They also use latex gloves to ensure that our hoo-hoos are
(literally) handled carefully and in the cleanest way possible.
Each Brazilian wax is expected to take 15 minutes only,
except if the customer has a low pain tolerance.
Every Stripella undergoes meticulous and in-depth training
(in Singapore, sometimes) before working with wax.
They also regularly go through additional training
to make sure their knowledge and skills are up to par with
other Stripellas worldwide.

It was funny how I got singled out because it was my first time. I was a bit nervous, yes, but not to the point of wanting to back out since I also really wanted to try it out and see whether I'd like it. Monique also gave me a quick one-on-one on what to expect, and quelled my fears of the pain by saying that if I feel I couldn't take it, I can ask for a special bach essence applied at the back of the tongue to calm my nerves. I have a rather high pain tolerance but I still got anxious a bit, but it was my turn before I knew it.

I noticed how clean and sterile the room looked the moment I stepped in.
Each customer is given his or her own Strip kit that contains wet wipes, tissue paper, and spatulas.

Aside from the New York Cupcake wax, they also have Strawberry and Chocolate flavors.
They vary the wax used according to what body part you want the hair removed.
So this is probably the most unflattering photo of myself that you'll see haha.
Can I just say how relieved I am that my Stripella did not ask me to spread my legs wide open?
Of course I won't post 'before' and 'after' photos here. I am open, but not that open! All I can tell you is that I felt really uncomfortable at first about lying there with my jelly exposed like that, but She made me feel at ease by telling different stories and entertaining my questions. I also reasoned with myself that she has probably seen hundreds of other hoo-hoos before so I shouldn't be bothered. In just a few moments, I already felt comfortable chatting with her that it's like she wasn't applying hot wax on my private body parts at the same time. As for the pain, I can probably rate it 7/10, with 10 being the most painful. Besides, the most painful was having the thickest part removed, while waxing off the other hair on the lips and the crack even felt almost ticklish. When having the 'bush' removed, it is advisable to breathe in and wait until after the wax was pulled off before you exhale.

And did I tell you about the scent? Oh my. You know I love vanilla scented candles, so the Vanilla wax just smelled heavenly. Heavenly, I tell ya.

Meet She!
Ask for her if you go there. She was very gentle, soothing and professional :)
We were also given a peace+ ampule that helps slow down hair growth.
She applied it on me after I was already hair-free.
So what do I feel now? I am not kidding when I say I feel lighter and sexier, and definitely more free! It's amazing how much can change in 15 minutes! Also, I suddenly have this urge to put a bikini on and go to the beach... Hmm. Although it is not advisable to go to the beach (or even the pool!) less than three days after your wax, of course.

I was given this Keep Calm and Strip On post treatment care booklet, that I swear I'm going to follow to the letter.
For one, it advises I should exfoliate the area after three days to prevent ingrown hair that can be itchy.
For those looking to try Strip's services, look, they also offer different packages that can even help you save money.
So now that I've experienced having a Brazilian for the first time, will I go back? Heck yes! Thank you, Strip Manila, Monique, and Tab! I will definitely go back ♥

The many features and praises Strip has received are not lying!
Strip has branches in Greenbelt and Serendra. Visit their official website, Like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.


  1. I tried not to cringe when I think about the pain but your post about it made me laugh and re-think about getting my first brazilian. But gaaah, hahaha! I cannot imagine my hoo-hoo getting stripped! :))

  2. Hi Mimai! It was painful at first but very tolerable! Hmm, imagine getting bitten by three ants without the itchy 'aftershock' LOL. Try it! :)

  3. I already can't stand getting groped by masseuses, I don't know how I'd feel about this. haha!

  4. Woot woot! Congratulations, Krissy! Good to see you a while ago! :)

  5. I agree with you, Krissy, really tolerable! :) I've had worse with other waxing salons, so I now know the difference. It may be a bit pricey but oh so worth it. Great to see you! :)

  6. i really wanna try this kaso nahihiya talaga ako.. pero i will try talaga kapag ready na ako..thank you for the post:)

  7. I also want to try this but I am too shy for this. HAHAHA. :P I wish I have the courage like yours, Krissy! :) :P 

  8. LOL I also thought of that at first, but the Striperellas are very comforting and reassuring :D

  9. Always great to see you, Keigh! :)

  10. Yes, I've heard stories about how painful it is if cold wax is used ugh. Great to see you too, Dang! Ngayon lang uli after I graduated! :)

  11. You're welcome! Hope you feel ready soon, the light and smooth feeling after is sooo worth it :)

  12. OMG, scared pa din ako. Ndya2he actually. bahala na! ahhaha

  13. Grabe, but I nalang 10am! Still don't know if I can do it :)) getting curious though

  14. i'm posting mine this weekend. it was my first time din. hahaha! and i'm so gunna do this regularly. hahaha!


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