Disney On Ice: Celebrations!

02 January 2012

What a wonderful way to jumpstart 2012!

My family and I watched the 2PM show of Disney On Ice at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum earlier and I had a really great time! I have fond memories of watching Disney productions when I was young so it was a wistful but fun trip down childhood memory lane for me ♥ I originally wanted to get tickets for the December 26 show but heigh ho, tickets were already sold out! Good thing there were still some Upper Box A tickets left for today's show so that's what I ended up getting. I really enjoyed Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival last year so when I found out that Disney On Ice will be staged as well I made sure I'd get to watch, free tickets or not ;)

Here are some photos!

Lumiere welcoming us.
This is embarrassing... but tears of joy actually rolled down my cheeks when he said "Be. Our. Guest!"

The Un-Birthday Party
Mickey Mouse and the magical brooms from Fantasia
Jack Skellington with villains Cruella de Ville, Captain Hook, Maleficent, and the evil stepmother
Minnie Mouse getting a wish from the Fairy Godmother
My favorite: Aladdin and Jasmine ♥♥♥

I am not being biased here, but they are the BEST!
Beauty and the [handsome] Beast
Cinderella and Prince Charming
Mulan and Captain Li Shang
I also cried during their performance. So beautiful ♥
Snow White and her Prince
Ariel and Prince Eric
Tiana and Prince Naveen
Fire on ice? Who would've thought?
This segment includes Lilo and Stitch :)
Minnie goes to Japan
Mickey goes to China
Mickey and Minnie celebrate Mardi Gras
Anddd it's Christmas!
Santa Goofy :)
Toy Story!

Fireworks, snow, and my favorite Disney characters :)
What could be more awesome than this?
My first purchase for 2012: a Disney On Ice program book with a free Disney felt hat!

Thank you so much Feld Entertainment for bringing Disney On Ice to the Philippines! I felt like a giddy kid again, clapping and singing along to every single song! Thank you for showing us that everything is possible, with just a little imagination ♥

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