01 August 2012

Transferring to a new job soon means leaving my current apartment to live somewhere else --- thus comes the thing I am so not looking forward to: packing my things. I have way too much stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, books, etc.), it should be illegal. I don't even know how a 26 year old lady like me can accumulate that much in the less than two years I stayed there.

Oh actually I know why and how: I am a human magpie.

Yes, I am a human magpie, and you know what magpies love collecting? Shiny, happy, precious new things.

It's great at first, but when you've acquired as much stuff as I have, organizing them becomes a pain.

"Oh gee, I know we're in a rush, but let me go find a necklace that would look perfect with my outfit."
Sounds familiar? The problem with having this many and the organizing skills of a donkey make accessorizing more time-consuming than it should be. Sometimes I even forget about having a particular piece and then kick myself after seeing it and realizing it would've looked perfect for something I was wearing a month ago. The pieces shown in the photo above are only half of what I really own, but I can't find them at the moment. Maybe some are in my other bags? Trapped in the hidden recesses of my apartment? Or my room which has aptly earned the title Serenity in Chaos? Who knows? Not me, apparently.

Good thing that - as with several other aspects in my life - SM quickly came to the rescue! SM Accessories sent me an accessory organizer, and I might not over-reacting when I say it might have saved my life.

Look ma, it still looks chaotic, but it's prolly because I need more organizers.
It has eight loops for necklaces and bracelets, and twenty clear plastic pockets for earrings and rings. A quick show-and-tell is in order.

Silver Pepsi and zipper earrings | Faux pearl bracelets
Silver and turquoise earrings and rings
Bronze and gold-toned rings and earrings
More bronze-toned rings | Phonography necklace
Tinkerbell and Magic Mirror necklaces | My favorite charm bracelet
Dessert polymer clay bracelet and rings | Archie and Friends charm bracelet
One can never have too many heart necklaces.
I know I still have a couple more colors not shown here. 
Disney Princess necklaces ♥
My favorite lovely gold-toned necklaces
Someone likes Princess Jasmine a little too much.
I know I still have one more Princess Jasmine necklace, gotta look for that one too.
Also, crucifix necklaces are pretty.

As expected, it was impossible to fit everything in one organizer. I need one or two more!

Thank you so much SM Accessories! My accessories and I really appreciate this gift. I think I actually need more trips there to fill out another organizer I am planning to get haha.

Want to get yours, too? Here's how:

Go, human magpies ;)

HAVE AN AWESOME AUGUST, EVERYONE! May this month be great for you ♥


  1. Wow this is awesome! I'm an accessory hoarder too! :)

    Btw, where did you buy the Disney Princesses pendants?

  2. Hi Danielle! I got them from Anagon Collection around four years ago, I'm not sure if Ana still has them though :) Random trivia: I've considered selling them every time Bloggers United bazaar comes around, but in the end I always decide to keep them because they're so cute! And if I get too old to wear them I think I'll just use them as keychains or whatever. Thanks! :)

  3. Krissy! where did you bought the Disney princess necklaces? adorbs! wishing you luck on your new job! so happy for you! :)




  4. Got them from Anagon Collection :) Thanks Svetlani! :)

  5. I lovet ang dami mo pading Anagon sis :)) <3

  6. Bet!!! Love your accessories, ang damiiii ♥ Haha Krissy let's go to Mezza Norte with the rest this weekend :) Hope you're free! Para hangout before you transfer :(

  7. Saw the bow necklace I gave you! :-) Good luck on your new job, Krissy! 

  8. I really want the Archie bracelet and the Pepsi earrings! I love quirky accessories.

  9. I wish I can before I leave QC! :,)

  10. Of course I just had to put it there ;) Thanks Lemuel! :)

  11. They're so cute no? I had lots pa before but I sold most of them na.

  12. I love those disney princess necklaces :) where did you bought it?

  13. I need that in my life too sis! :) btw, those gold toned necklace are really lovable :D 


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