To be fierce and feisty like Merida.

04 August 2012

I saw Disney and Pixar's Brave last Thursday with my friend Ana and while it wasn't Toy Story 3, there were still lots of scenes that made me laugh out loud and even tear up a bit. I loved Merida and found myself rooting for her because she is fierce and feisty, two things I wish I can be. She refused to be tied down and be restricted by the norms, but when the situation called for it she was quick to own up to her mistakes and stand up for her family (plus her red hair's gorgeous and her Scottish accent's endearing). If you can wait for it, there's a short scene after all the credits have rolled. Also, there's an accompanying short film shown before the movie called La Luna. It's so charming and the graphics are so beautiful ♥

Today is my last Saturday with HSBC, and I feel excited yet scared at the same time. Monday after next I will be starting with my new job straightaway, and I am anxiously crossing my fingers that everything will turn out okay. I guess this is the time to look inside myself and be fierce and feisty like Merida.

Some of my friends from the office have already sent me lovely emails saying goodbye and good luck --- FRIENDS, Y U MAKE ME CRY?? --- and I just want to say I really, really appreciate them. If there's something I can say about my stay here, it's that I am thankful I was able to forge lots of great friendships that I will never forget, wherever life takes me. HSBC will hold a party on Thursday for its employees who've been with the company for five years and guess what, my last day with them's on Friday. What a perfect send-off ♥

The weather's been particularly crazy this past week, I hope you're all safe and dry wherever you are. I have to go now because I'll be doing something fun and I can't wait to share it with everyone. More stories soon!


  1. I will miss you to bits krissy! Huhu! =(

  2. I will miss you too Michelle! :,)

  3. Really wanna watch Brave!!! AHHH ♥ And you know why nakaka-receive ka ng emails like that? Because they value you a lot. :) I know you're an amazing friend, Krissy! So glad to have known you. :)

  4. That is so sweet, thank you Arnie! Glad to have known you, too :)


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