Pupung goes SOLO

22 August 2012

Random trivia about me you will most probably never need in your life (haha): I learned to read when I was four. My main motivation? Old school Tagalog comics. My grandmother used to buy a LOT of those when I was young (we even had a neighborhood "library" where you can rent those comics before!) and I desperately wanted to learn how to read just so I can know what the stories were all about even without someone else reading them to me. Ah, memories.

Now, it's good to know that Solo annually pays tribute to Pinoy Pop Culture with homegrown Pinoy iconic cartoonists by presenting the Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series.

Solo brought us back to the heyday of Filipino comics when komiks magasins used to be a big form of entertainment of most Pinoys. The creative collection spearheaded with the playful and witty characters of Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life in 2010, followed by no less than the greatest work of the Father of Filipino Cartoons, Tony Velasquez’s Kenkoy in 2011. This year, the series proudly features Tonton Young’s Pupung. 
How do you best remember Pupung? It could be his family’s lugawan and their hilarious adventures that reflects the typical Pinoy family.  Pupung is a lovable kid in the comics created by Tonton Young in 1983. The strip revolves around the family of Pupung and their hilarious adventures. The comics strip focuses on Philippine pop culture, fascination with basketball as well as business trends and rarely tackles political issues.  Pupung became popular for its punchlines and the humor used in the strip is lighter than other Filipino comic strips which gives it a family-oriented theme. Up to this day, Pupung appears in Manila Bulletin and continues to make Pinoys laugh everyday. Pupung and all your fave characters from the strip, Mommy, Daddy, Lolo Dom, Day, Jordan, Lelong and Larry Bird will be immortalized in a pop collection!
The most-loved Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series takes Pupung and puts the characters on different items like:

All-over print tees
Graphic tees
Graphic sleeveless tees and shorts
Three-fourths graphic tees
Oversized graphic tees and leggings with print
Men's woven printed shirts with hoodie
Varsity jackets
Desk clocks
Coffee mugs
The collection hits the stores in September.To view the entire Men's collection, click here. For the Ladies' collection, click here. To see a video behind the scenes, check this link. This collection is perfect for fun wearable collectibles or as Christmas gifts, yes?

I just wish they will do Eknok or Planet Op Di Eyps next ^_^
Following Solo’s tradition, the collection will be celebrated with a simultaneous launch of its Online Model Search, now bigger and more exciting on its 4th year! Starting September, the search is on for two new faces of Solo to be officially unveiled in the Spring of 2013. Visit SOLO's official website for contest details.

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  1. I started reading when I was 4, too! But I started with Archies :D

  2. Bicycle shirts! Imma get one for the boy :)


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