21 August 2012

What a perfect, perfect day today has been.

I had an early start this morning because I wanted to finish everything I had to do before I left the house. I went to SM North EDSA to catch the 12noon screening of The Dark Knight Rises (read my thoughts about the movie here, written immediately after I saw it on the first day) on IMAX before it leaves the cinemas on Tuesday to make way for other movies. Again, Christopher Nolan is a genius. What a perfect, perfect trilogy with a perfect, perfect cast. I will never ever ever get over.

After that I went to my apartment to fix myself up for HSBC's 5-year Service Recognition Program. I am happy that the Best Place to Work team allowed me to go even though my last day there was on August 10.  (It was originally scheduled to happen on the 9th but it was cancelled because of the flood.) I actually felt quite nervous on my way to Technohub, but all worries left me when I saw my old officemates again.

I had so much fun! I actually just wanted to go to see my friends and get my token, buuut guess what, at the beginning of the program I was even interviewed about what the highlight of my stay in HSBC is! Of course I answered meeting friends. I think I talked more than necessary, but I regret nothing haha.

Here are some photos:

Me, Mich, Marsha, Asther, Bambi
Bambi, Ruther, Onins
As part of the activities prepared for the night, we had a 40-minute session of
Laughter Yoga.
It was interesting how the instructor taught us the proper way of laughing. He said laughing in the right way brings the same benefits to our bodies a solid sesh of working out does!
My first boss, (former TL, now an MO) RJ
My song soulmate, Eiyan
He always updates his Twitter with the songs he's currently playing, which almost always turn out to be  my old faves as well, and vice versa.
My big brothers at the first team I've been in, Justin and Ian
No one takes my outfit shots quite like the way you do.
I miss you, Mich!
My bestfriend at the office, Mommy Terry
Isn't it nice to see happy, beautiful faces all around? :)

I guess I will never forget my experiences with these people and with the company. After all, it is HSBC that took care of me immediately after I graduated and then exposed me to the workforce and the bitter realities that come with it (like taxes).

Thanks for the memories <3 td="td">
As part of the Service Recognition Program, we were also given tokens. For our third year with the company. we were given an engraved Waterman pen, a certificate, and a 3 years pin. For our fifth year, we were given these:

Certificate of Appreciation, 5 Years pin, and engraved Lion resin book-ends
They will look so elegant in my future library in my future house.
I feel a little sad that I won't be around to see what the tokens for the next years of service will be, but when I think about it, nah I'm okay. I need to go back just one more time to accomplish my clearance, and then it's completely bye-bye. I'll miss you, HSBC. Farewell, my friend.

Oooh yeah, I also won in the raffle! It's still wrapped in tissue but it's a shower gel from Marks & Spencer.
My name was actually the last to be called. My friends were joking they wanted to cry foul because technically I'm no longer an employee but bleh LOL.
And oh, when I got home, a sweet email was waiting for me :)

What a perfect, perfect day today has been. Life's good. Thank you, Lord.

How are you? I hope life is treating you well.


  1. I miss you more my dear Krissy! :)

  2. Aww, that's awesome that you got to have some closure and see your old workmates again. And I swear, you are a good luck charm when it comes to raffles, you always win awesome stuff :) 

  3. Haha I guess so! I wish I can win cooler stuff though.. Like a 3D TV. Or a house and lot LOL.


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