Mad Makati Monday Dash Epiphanies

13 August 2012

I started with my new job as a Social Media Marketer for ARC PR and Outsmark today, and as with other things I have overshared in this blog I would want to list down some realizations I've encountered. Please note that it was my first time to go to Makati at this hour as I've spent the past five years following UK time, four years of which have been spent in the 5AM - 2PM schedule (which is 10PM - 7AM in the UK). I wasn't really expecting to see that many people waiting for public transport! I used to get out of the house at 4:30AM, I am NOT used to seeing people/ competitors on the public transport vehicles I need to be on on the street! I got mini panic attacks because I didn't want to be late on my first day, but thankfully I managed to get to the office just in time. After two and a half hours. Don't worry, that record was beaten the same day. By myself. I got home tonight at 10PM, three and a half hours after I left the office. Yes.

Anyway, I'm just glad I'm safe. Now on to my realizations!

Today, I realized that:

- I look great on my eggplant-colored cap-sleeved turtleneck. Haha. Too bad I got too busy I forgot to take a photo I can post here.

- Victoria Beckham is and will forever be my queen. I just love her! The Spice Girls' number at the Olympics Closing Ceremony was amazing, and it still gives me goosebumps even after watching the clip numerous times! They really are the greatest girl-band of all time, but I still don't want them to reunite and release new songs again. Also, today my father realized the Spice Girls are made up of five girls, not four. Haha.

- I won't need a gym membership anymore as the long walks I need to do to go to work everyday can already tone my calves and legs, while getting in the train itself while everyone around is either pulling or pushing is an exercise on upper body strength. Now I just need to learn how to do my makeup while standing inside the moving train so I can practice balance.

- This is serious business and I need to make sure I deliver (and even go beyond) what is expected from me.

- The speed of my Internet connection is inversely proportional to how much I need it.

- It feels good to receive replies on emails sent, even if the email says the sender can't make it to the event. Because of that, I promise to respond more timely to emails.

- I can get too busy to blog. I thought I would have time to squeeze in a quick outfit post earlier but apparently I was mistaken. I had a lot of tasks to do that I wasn't even able to update my personal Twitter that much.

- (Having said that...) Twitter can be a bit tiring. But I don't have time to tire of it now because one of my job responsibilities involves immersing myself in this social media tool. Ah, the irony of life.

- Hearing the perfect song on the radio can make all the sad thoughts go away.

- Then again, there are some sad thoughts that are too sad to brush away...

- I love him. Always have, and probably always will. Learning he will be going abroad in a couple of days without me seeing him for a quick hug (or two, or lots. I love hugs) broke my heart into a million little pieces. At the same time, I'm glad he said I'm one of the first to know. That must mean something, right? Sigh.

This photo was taken last week. Take away the Starbucks frappe and replace it with a bottle of water, and you have my simple set-up at my new office. There's my Samsung netbook Robyn, my trusty notebook and pen for tasks that need jotting down, and my Smart Netphone.
Pretty good first day for me so far. How are you? Hope life's treating you well.


  1. I forgot to reply kanina about the Riyadh news, sorry!!! But aside from that, buti nalang it's good to hear na you had a great first day sis! :) 

  2. Sounds like a great first day even though you spent much of it in traffic! =S My workshift right now is 7-3, just before rush hour starts at each end of the day and i couldn't imagine going back to later hours!

    I totally feel you on the Spice Girls. I actually even choked up a bit when they made their entrance at the closing ceremony... so much nostalgia there. :)

    Is the "HIM" you're talking about here the HIM that i think you're talking about? 

  3. It's okay sis! Still sad though :(

  4. I don't know... Basta his name doesn't start with the letter 'D' hehe.

  5. "Now I just need to learn how to do my makeup while standing inside the moving train so I can practice balance."- Ooooohh that's easy! :)) gingawa ko yun dati pag alam kong late na ko at no time to put make-up :P

    Congrats on your new job Krissy! 

  6. I hate trains during rush hour. Everyone's squeezing/bumping you and it is very uncomfortable. Mot to mention the emotional distress I get when I have a random dude's crotch pressed against my ass :(

  7. Thanks Phoebe! Hope to see you soon! :)


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