Au revoir, August

31 August 2012

I almost didn't want to believe it, but yes, today is the last day of August. Where did the rest of the year go?

August 2012 is a month of goodbyes. It brought so many different things to me, but I guess for me it will forever be remembered as the time I got the courage to finally rock the boat, hoping it will lead me to better shores.

This month, I:

let go of my headset. I'm thankful I still got to go to HSBC's 5-year Service Recognition Program, though. On the same day, I surrendered my headset and padlock, although I haven't completed my clearance yet because I still need to surrender my ID which is hidden somewhere in my apartment.

got pleasant surprises in the mail, like Penshoppe's Personal Care Collection that contains a make-up brush set, three Aqualiner Pencils, and three Rouge Lip Shades. It also includes His and Hers perfume sprays.

Speaking of this local (but world-class) clothing brand, here is a side-view photo of me wearing my paperboy cap from Penshoppe circa 2001. Remember when Brad Turvey and Mandy Moore were the endorsers of the brand? Yep, that's how old this cap is so I love that it's still in tip-top shape. I remember being bought this cap by my aunt after we lost our house (with all our belongings) in a big fire that razed through the neighborhood. Since we didn't have any other clothes left aside from the ones we had on, my generous aunt took me and my brother shopping and let us get whatever we wanted. This was part of that loot, so it holds a special meaning for me. I am forever thankful and indebted to the waitress in Stella who ran after me after I left it at the said restaurant.

experienced two long weekends where I spent a day from each bonding with good friends over good food. I didn't get to enjoy any long weekends at HSBC because I was from a department that needs to operate 24/7. Working in a ~regular~ office, means byebye to double pays and hello to Philippine legal and special non-working holidays! I love it. I fully embrace it. 

Puttanesca, Quattro Formaggi, and an ice-cold Mojito at Aria Cucina
Cookie dough a la mode at Stella
One of those days I described above, I spent with my friend Ana. We talked about lots of stuff --- mostly about our long-term goals and lost loves. It's nice to have friends from the blogosphere I can enjoy hanging out with even when there are no events to go to.

Humongous bowl of Chicken Karaage at Ramen X
Large cups of frozen yogurt from Red Mango
That being said, it's also nice to have good friends you can count on despite the distance and circumstances. I met up with my good friend Mich last Saturday to catch up: she with her stories about being in a new department in HSBC and me with my stories about my new job. She and her family have been such good neighbors to me and I'm going to miss them when I leave my apartment this weekend.

got a new tube of my favorite lipstick, MAC Girl About Town. I'm posting the photo here again just because.

bought myself a little luxury. The most I've ever paid for lipstick is P1,000, but yesterday I got myself a tube of Estee Lauder Pure Color in Poppy Love using some of my gift cards. I didn't think I would ever use my own money to buy lipstick this expensive, but after putting this color on I think I just might. The color is just so rich and gorgeous! It feels expensive; it feels like it's worth its price.

enjoyed National Boosktore's month-long sale. A lot. I bought a bunch of Summit books on sale, plus new copies of books I have either lost, or got borrowed and never returned.

got myself sheets of stickers just for kicks. These two here feature emoticons. So cute! And they glow in the dark!!

decided I have to take charge of my finances. To show how serious I am about this, look, I bought a coin-bank. Because nothing says serious and finance-savvy than a pink plastic bottle coin-bank that says "What I want is juice" and has a cute pig on the bottle-cap. 

I copied Helga's idea and decided to put in every P50 bill I come across. That way I can save money faster, yay! I started just last Monday and now it contains P350 whut up.

started packing the stuff I have accumulated in the three years I have been independent. Clothes, books, bags, shoes. E-ve-ry-where. It looks like such an impossible task but I will not give up. Because I don't have a choice LOL.

This month I also got to model for an ice cream brandlearned how lipsticks and lotions are made, and had my heart broken when I realized how lost I felt when he left the country to work abroad.

Before I end this post I'd like to share a quick story (as if I haven't shared enough). Did you know that even before I made friends in the local blogging community, I first made friends with other twenty-something bloggers all over the world? They've been with me since my emo-charged posts and they will always have a special spot in my heart. One of them, Nikolett, is hosting a Postcard Project, so if you love sending AND receiving postcards from anywhere in the world you should definitely join! This is an excellent way to meet friends. Plus, who knows, at least you'll already know someone in case you visit their country, like when I met up with Nashe when I went to Singapore on 2010. Interested? Click on the button below to know more!

Postcard Project

When you visit, please wish her a Happy Birthday! She is an incredible lady and I am thankful she's my friend *cue cheesy music*.

So yeah. Au revoir, August. Sail on, September.


  1. A good month, a little bittersweet, but a good month.  On to a bright September.

  2. Gah, you're right, that Estee Lauder lippie colour looks divine! I could also go for some cookie dough a la mode (never tried) and Quattro Formaggi, too...

    Here's to a super September, aye!

  3. We bought the same books! (Girl Meets World and My Imaginary Ex) Haha. Thank goodness for the sale. Can't wait to finally start reading them. :)

  4. Yay for sales!

    I've already read Girl Meets World and umm, I'll wait 'til you finished reading it before saying anything :) Haven't started on My Imaginary Ex yet because I started rereading Eat, Pray, Love :)

    My favorite Summit books are The Breakup Diaries, Table for Two, and the Every Girl's Guide trilogy! :)


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