So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

14 March 2010

In a few minutes, Owl City's concert here in Manila would start. But instead of lining up to see Adam Young perform his songs live, I am here in my room with the speakers on full blast, alternating between the two CDs included here:

Ocean Eyes Deluxe Edition

I wasn't able to coax someone to go the concert with me and I didn't want to go alone so Dane bargained with me and said he'll get me the CD instead. Isn't he the sweetest?

We got this yesterday. I am telling you, if you haven't listened to any of their songs yet, you definitely should. The lyrics are just so simple yet dreamy and have the power to lift you up when you're down or relax you when you need to de-stress. They're perfect happy-place theme songs. Right, Tiara? ♥♥

Some more photos:

the CD opens to this

what's inside

the two CDs with the booklet (with lyrics!)

I love all the songs included here, but I would have to say one of my favorites is The Saltwater Room. Here's a video I found in Youtube with lyrics to the song and cute doodles:

What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
We need time, only time

Now excuse me while I drown in mush and cheesiness. ♥♥


  1. I really wish I was there right now, with you watching Owl city's concert and then strolling around the place where you bought your summer gears (bikini and dresses) in the previous post, that'd be PUURRRFECT. lol.

    Yeah, that'd be silly to attend a concert alone :|

    I love each and every song in his album, I mean, in ALL of his albums, lol xD nerd fan alert here. lololol

  2. Oh Tiara! I just KNEW you'd be the first one to comment, and I was right! :D

    I feel more sorry than you do because I had the opportunity to see them and I wasn't able to. :(

  3. I love Vanilla Twilight, because it reminds me of such a moment in time...when everything was heavenly, and bathed in a warm vanilla glow of buttery feeling. ;-) haha. love his voice.

  4. Awe, your blog is lots of fun :)

  5. Going to a concert alone sounds thrilling but I'll make a few of them is for Pitbull. You know how it is. I'll go dance by myself if I have to LOL.

    I love Owl City's tracks.

  6. i love their vanilla twilight song. :D

    btw krissy, i was meaning to ask you. how did you out the url of your blog posts in twitter with them looking like htt://bit.y.something? :D

  7. @ Sonia: I like Vanilla Twilight, too! Sigh sigh sigh ♥♥

    @ Ejannz: My heart just got broken when Adam Young tweeted "Drenched in Vanilla Twilight" about two hours after the concert :(

    @ Hope Chella: Thanks! :)

    @ Ndee: LOL! Maybe if it is Britney Spears then I'll do the same way :D

    @ Belle: Go to so you can shorten the site's urls, that way they won't go over Twitter's 140-character limit :)

  8. hi krissy beautiful post
    nice vedio

  9. Aww, Dane is so sweet haha :) Shame you couldn't get anyone to come with you! I like a few of his songs, "The Saltwater Room" is sweet :) His songs remind me a lot of The Postal Service, they have cheesy songs too hehe. And thanks again for guest blogging for me :)

  10. Mush and cheesieness can be so much fun! I'm really sorry you couldn't find anyone as excited as yourself to go with you to the concert.

    If you ever ask anyone that question (the title of this post), he would be crazy to say no!!! =)

  11. I LOVE Owl City. The song "Vanilla Twilight" is my absolute favorite; but that video for "The Saltwater Room" could not be cuter! :)

  12. I never heard of them.. I guess I have to check them out :)

  13. Awwwwwwwww! Too bad you didn't get to go!!! but then again, it gave your lover a chance to do something sweet! hehehe! i have only heard one of their songs... Fireflies?? i love it! so i'm sure the rest are just as good! ;P

  14. Awww..sorry you didn't get to go. But hmmm... Isn't Dane just the sweetest?! I don't think you need this CD to lift you up when you're down because I think, Dane can do that for ya. *wink* =)

  15. @ knk: Thank you :)

    @ Nikolett: You're welcome! I definitely had fun guestposting! :D And oh, Adam Young actually said in one of his interviews that Postal Service is one of his influences! :)

    @ Rick: Haha you're making me blush :)

    @ Erika: Oh it's great to know other people who love Owl City, too! :)

    @ Carina: Yes, please do! :)

    @ Kym: Fireflies is also great! :)

    @ Mel: Ehehehe, maybe.. I'm keeping mum nyahaha :D

  16. i love owl city! well actually, i've only heard one of their songs... which is 'fireflies'. i still have yet to listen to their entire cd! that's one sweet friend of yours who would go out their way to get you that cd! take care! (:

    - melissa

  17. @ Melissa: Fireflies is also one beautiful song :) Thanks for visiting! :)


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